Celebrating the Smaller Wins in Your Creative Business

I’ll admit it: sometimes I write things in this blog that I most need to hear. Right now I’m working on a BIG goal for the year and I realized I need to start celebrating the smaller wins in my creative business. At the beginning of this year I set 4 big goals for myself, and the one I’ve started working on recently is a course (I think I will be) called “From Artist to Passive Income Entrepreneur: A Step by Step Course for Setting up Your Own Online Business Selling Your Art Prints (almost!) 100% Passively!

It’s super exciting – but more on that later…

The problem is, I’ve had a hard time with big projects like this. I love writing a blog post or sales funnels (which typically only take 1-3 hours), even most of my paintings take under one day to complete. But when I’m working on something that takes weeks – maybe months to finish? It starts to feel overwhelming.

So I’ve decided to start celebrating the smaller wins along the way, to make creating this course (and/or any other big project) more enjoyable. (I mean, I’m my own boss, after all, I should make working as fun as possible, right?!) I thought I’d share some of my own tricks for celebrating those small wins, but I also collected some ideas from other creative business owners who have their own ways of celebrating.

So, first, what I do is create smaller tasks out of my bigger project. This may seem like a no-brainer to you, but the first few times I worked on projects that took weeks or months to create, I was all-over-the-place-frazzled.

Now I spend some time breaking the whole thing down into smaller chunks before I even begin. I used to do this on paper, but I recently started using Trello (disclosure: I might get a free month of Trello if you click that link) and I really like it. I sometimes want to go back to my paper planner, but Trello just makes it so easy! 

Now let’s get to celebrating the smaller wins!

Depending on how I want to celebrate some of those smaller tasks, I might:

  • Put on a record and have a mid-day dance party!
  • Go for a walk down by the river near my house (the water is definitely my happy place!)
  • Meet with a friend for tea. (Did you know I’m tea-obsessed? This one is my favorite.)
  • Take the afternoon off and read a book.
  • Sometimes just telling someone else (like my fiancé, daughters, or accountability partner/one of my best friends) about the win makes me feel great!
  • If it’s at the end of a long day or week? I might celebrate with a fancy cocktail (I love coming up with new cocktail recipes!)

Here are some fun answers I got from awesome creatives in the Creating Beautifully Community, as well as the Being Boss® Fabebook groups:

Luca Cusolito from creativeenabler.com said, “I keep a running Google Doc of my daily goals, wins, and client praise. I start and end my day by checking in with myself, making sure my actions are serving my personal and professional mission, and hold space to savor what I’ve achieved. By the end of the month, I can see the patterns and steps I took to achieve what I set forth to do that month!

Anuschka ‘Annie’ Ollnow from www.contouredconsulting.com said, “I have always forgotten about the small wins – but now I put a note in box about the small wins and when I have an off day I a) pull them out and go through them and b) grant myself some wish (eating out at a special restaurant, going to the movies – just something small and no “thing” – once they are “exchanged” for a wish they go into another box for sakekeeping.

Kristy Gardner from peppercorncreative.com and SheEats.ca said, “Small wins are the best wins – they’re what makes the day to day fun and inspiring. I celebrate them by giving myself gold stars on my agenda for the day (seriously) and then taking a few minutes before I eat dinner and toast them with a glass of vino. I strongly believe in positive reinforcement and being grateful for what I’ve accomplished and the gifts others have given me. It’s what makes what I do worthwhile.

Anne-Claire Regan of Hibou Designs said, “I think it’s important to celebrate small wins! I usually tell my husband to share the joy of the moment and by doing so, by speaking it out loud, it helps me acknowledge that small win and I put it my Happy bank… you know, for rainy days.

So what about you? How to you celebrate your small wins? I’d love to hear about it! Comment below!

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