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When someone joins my newsletter, one of the first emails they receive from me asks them what topics they’re most interested in hearing about. I give them a list of 10, but they’re also encouraged to request something else.

–>In case you were curious, here are the 10 subjects I cover in my email newsletter:

  1. Art as a Business
  2. Craft / Making as a Business
  3. Passive Income for Artists
  4. Passive Income for Makers
  5. Art Journaling
  6. Instagram for Creative Business Owners
  7. Pinterest for Creative Business Owners
  8. Online Business & Blogging
  9. Learning / Taking Creative Classes Online
  10. Positive Living (self-care, meditation, creative prompts, etc.)

More than any other answer, passive income is the most popular!

So recently I decided to share exactly how I make passive income with my own art. Well, when I say “recently” I really started thinking about this about a year ago. I talked to my mastermind group about it, and my accountability partner…

They were all saying I should charge for it… and a lot, too (one said $500, one said $300 and another said $150.)

But I wasn’t feeling great about that. So I kept putting it off… Not because I don’t think the course isn’t valuable, because I KNOW it is. I’m living the results of setting up my art business this way, and let me tell you:


It feels great to not have to: print my artwork, package my artwork, and stand in line at the post office in order to ship my artwork! It also feels great to watch money be deposited into my bank account for work I did months, or even years before.

But the information I teach is already “out there” in the internet universe. Which was why I was feeling kind of weird about charging so much for it. Sure, you’ll have to dig for it here and there, and there isn’t really one spot that puts it all together for you. But still.

The great news is, I figured out a way to teach all of that info in a completely FREE two-week email course. There won’t even be a pitch for some pricey course at the end! I explain it all in the welcome email, and if it sounds like something you might be interested in, I would gladly invite you to subscribe today!

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