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Jules Tillman Artist and Creative Coach

Hi, I’m Jules, an introverted artist, entrepreneur, and creative business coach. I help people just like you build the lives and the businesses that are perfect for them. I’m an introvert (infp here!) and I love working with other introverts (but extroverts are welcome, too! 😘 ) I LOVE social media (I’m looking at you, Pinterest and Instagram!), teaching, and, more than just about anything (expect my family and friends!)  I love being an entrepreneur: living a life I love, in a city I love (Portland, OR) doing work that fulfills me and fuels me.  That's a lot of love! 😍😍😍

Do you want to start a business that you love, too?

Maybe you're tired of going to a job you hate (been there!)... Or you want to work at home (maybe you have young children or aging parents... or, you're like me and you're just a homebody! #stayathomeclubmember)... Maybe you have a BIG IDEA to share with the world... or you're an artist or creative who wants to earn a living from the things that they make...

No matter what your reason, if you're a budding entrepreneur, I want to help you reach your goals and dreams! Whether that means a few extra hundred dollars a month, or even six figures! 

Learn how to start an online business, make passive income, start a blog, and create a life AND a living you LOVE! CreatingBeautifully.com #onlinebusiness #passiveincome #startablog #artasbusiness #sellartonline #sidehustleideas #socialmediatips

Learn how to start an online business, make passive income, start a blog, and create a life AND a living you LOVE! CreatingBeautifully.com #onlinebusiness #passiveincome #startablog #artasbusiness #sellartonline #sidehustleideas #socialmediatips

Here are just some of the things I believe, and I think you'll notice throughout Creating Beautifully:

I believe in sharing what I know. Altogether I've been in business online for 10+ years (though my business has evolved in that time -- and yours might, too!)

I believe that no one was meant to live a small or unhappy life. That includes you

I believe in love, optimism, and integrity. 

I believe that, if you're going to trade your time for money, you sure as hell better LOVE what you do!

(I also believe there are ways just about anyone can stop trading time for money and start making passive income!) 

At the heart of i all: I want to help passionate entrepreneurs create online businesses they LOVE. If that sounds like you, welcome. I hope you'll stay awhile...

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