Schedule Automatic Posts on Instagram with Tailwind

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I feel like I heard this giant, collective sign of relief when Instagram recently announced that it would allow it’s business users to schedule social media. Yep, it’s true! You can now schedule automatic posts on Instagram with Tailwind. I don’t know about you, but this news made me all:



And if you’re not sure what that means, let me share with you!

Instagram is now allowing 3rd party apps (like Tailwind, among others) to create software that automatically posts to Instagram for you. Before this announcement, there were apps that would do that, but they were “illegal” and Instagram could shut down your account if they caught you using it.

I admit: I used one for awhile. And it was great! I’d spend a little time each week scheduling 2-4 Instagram posts every day, and it was all taken care of for me so I could work on other aspects of my business.

But then I noticed a drastic reduction in engagement, and I got sad… and scared! So I stopped using that software, and switched to one that would “remind you” when you wanted to post, and I would go in and manually post using that “legal” app. It wasn’t the greatest, but it was the best solution at the time. (And seriously? Living with that looming feeling that my Instagram account could be deleted at any moment was NOT fun.)

Here is the thing I want to warn YOU about now… Instagram has only authorized a handful of companies to create this magical, post-for-you software. You can see the full list here. But I recommend Tailwind.

Why, you may ask?

Well, first of all it’s because I’ve been a (very happy!) Tailwind customer for years now. I use the software to schedule my pins on Pinterest, which drives around 60% of my blog and shop traffic. It’s a HUGE time saver for that.

But more recently they also added the ability to schedule those Instagram reminders, and it just made sense that I would schedule my two favorite “social media” platforms in one place. (I put that in quotes because Pinterest is not technically a social media platform, though many people still do refer to it as such.)

Tailwind also offers a cool tool other schedulers do not: the built-in ability to schedule posts at the best time of day for your Instagram account. How cool is that?

And not only could I schedule those perfectly-timed reminders, but they also have this really cool “Hashtag Finder” and they even show you how many hashtags you’ve used in a post you’re scheduling, and whether those hashtags or good (or best!) and if they’re competitive.

You can watch how easy it all is on this video:



On the downside, because this auto posting is in a Beta phase with approved partners, it currently only supports publishing photos. Publishing of videos, stories, multi-image posts, location tagging and filters are not currently supported (yet!). But won’t that be even more exciting if/when they do?!

Plus, Tailwind offers a free trial! So of course I’m going to recommend that you schedule automatic posts on Instagram with Tailwind! At least give it a try! And while you’re there, you can also see how easy it is to schedule pins on Pinterest with Tailwind, too!





Have you heard the GREAT news?! You can now Schedule Automatic Posts on Instagram with Tailwind!