The French Press Theory: create art and products that sell with this one, simple idea


Awhile back I was browsing through Etsy and I saw this French press and I literally got butterflies in my stomach, a little swirly in my head, and a rush of whatever chemical that is that runs through our bodies and tells us we MUST HAVE THAT THING. It was love at first sight. That’s when I came up with the French Press Theory.


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This is the French press (from Yield Design Co.) that made me swoon!

This is the French press (from Yield Design Co.) that made me swoon!


What is the French press theory? It’s simply this: if you make something so incredibly amazing, people will buy it.


I can hear you now: Duh, Jules, of course they will. 

Just stick with me here: The magical thing about that French Press and my instant love and need  (at least it FELT like a need) for it is this: I don’t even drink coffee! I love the smell of it, and I’ll go with you to a coffee shop anytime you ask. But the truth is, I’m a tea girl!

I simply fell in love with the modern, minimal design of that French press and knew I had to have one.

And before you go assuming I’m just a shopaholic or spend money on things I don’t need, you couldn’t be further from the truth. I actually kind of loathe shopping (much to my daughters’ disappointment!) and I cannot stand wasting money.

But that press…. it’s so… pretty! (Did I mention it comes in other colors? Oh yes…)


The French Press from Yield Design Co. that began my French Press Theory

The French Press from Yield Design Co. that began my French Press Theory


But the thing is, it got me thinking: I want to make art and other things that, when people see them, they just have to have them. And ever since then I’ve really tried to keep that in mind before I put anything into my own shops. I want to make art that makes people swoon. I want to create mugs and posters that make people laugh, smile, and/or feel empowered, and say, I HAVE TO HAVE THAT!

I’m sharing this idea with you because I see a lot of artists, makers, photographers, bloggers, etc., with some amazing work, and some not so amazing work right along side it. So, sometimes we have to be curators of our own content. In other words, like William Faulkner said, (I’m paraphrasing) we have to kill our darlings. Do you have items in your shop or posts on your blog that aren’t up to par? Cut them. And make room for something better.

And then go and make that something better. Make your own version of that French Press – something SO good that people are compelled to buy it.

I know that may sound a bit simplistic: just make great stuff! But what I’m really encouraging you to do here is to create things that are better, more beautiful, more desirable than you ever have before. And that simply starts with the desire to do so, each and every time you start on something new.

P.S. Oh my goodness. While writing this post about the French Press Theory, I discovered that Yield Design Co. now makes the presses in glass, too! Isn’t it lovely?



And now they come in glass, too!

And now they come in glass, too! All Photos Credit of Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming from


P.S. I was SO happy to find out I can actually make tea with my French Press! So it wasn’t a frivolous purchase, after all!

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