10 Instagram Photo Ideas for Artists, Makers, And Creatives!

Looking for ideas on what to post to Instagram? Check out these 10 ideas!


Are you an artist, maker, creative entrepreneur, and/or Etsy seller who looooves Instagram, but doesn’t know what to post every day?

I totally get it.

We are told by many “social media experts” that we should have a business-only Instagram account, and we should be posting to it 1-3 times daily.




With everything else we have on our plates (like every small and large aspect of owning our own business, plus family, friends, and sometimes even a 9 to 5 job, not to mention a social life! Is there still such a thing?) coming up with ideas of what to post on Instagram can feel overwhelming. Or, maybe even worse, it can become the last thing on your to-do list… you know, that one that hardly ever gets done.

So what happens then?

  • Maybe you post something off-brand just for the sake of posting something.
  • Maybe you throw something together, but it doesn’t get any likes or comments.
  • Or maybe you just don’t post at all…

Well, I hear you, and I feel your pain.

So I came up with these 10 Instagram Photo Ideas for Artists, Makers, And Creatives!

It comes with ideas, and even some real life examples so you can see how others are using these 10 Instagram photo ideas.

So go ahead and get it right here — it’s totally free!


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