3 Ways to Get More Traffic from Pinterest

It seems like Instagram is every creative business owner’s darling at the moment. And that’s cute, but I’d rather have a workhorse than a darling. That’s why I LOVE Pinterest. While it fluctuates from time to time, currently I get about 75% of my website traffic from Pinterest. It’s amazing! If you’d like to use Pinterest to drive customers to your own site, below are 3 ways to get more traffic from Pinterest. 

Oh, and unlike some other bloggers I’ve seen, I’m not just talking about “reach”… I’ve noticed some people will brag about their “500k Reach” (or whatever number they throw out there) from Pinterest… But guess what? That just means how many times Pinterest shared their pins in other people’s feeds.

What I’m talking is my actual traffic — to the tune of hundreds of thousands of actual visitors to my websites and shops. Eyeballs are nice and all, but people actually taking the time to click through, learn more, sign up for my email list, and even buy from me…. well THAT is something worth talking about! 

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Do you want to know how to get more traffic to your blog from Pinterest? Check out these 3 Ways to Get More Traffic from Pinterest! #creatingbeautifully


One way I Get More Traffic from Pinterest is by Setting it up Correctly

It may seem like a no-brainer, but many creative business owners are using a personal Pinterest account for their online business. This is a big no-no! There are so many things you can do, accomplish, and learn by setting up a business Pinterest account. 

Once you switch to a business account, you can do things like set up rich pins, see your Pinterest analytics, run Pinterest ads, start implementing keywords, optimize your profile, and so much more.

If this sounds overwhelming to you and you’d like to have someone walk you through it, I highly recommend Pin Practical Accelerate from Redefining Mom, which is a 9 day challenge to help you get everything up and running correctly — either from scratch or converting your current Pinterest account. 


I also LOVE Automating My Pins (& Traffic!)

Another way I get more traffic from Pinterest is by automating it, and I do that with Tailwind. Can I just say, I freaking love Tailwind. It’s super easy and puts sharing my pins on autopilot. Here’s how I do that with Tailwind:

First of all, any time I add a new blog post or product to my shop, I “manually” pin it once to the most relevant Pinterest board I have using the social share buttons on my site. From that pin I go in and schedule that pin again to multiple (relevant) boards with Tailwind. If I want to keep sharing that pin for an even longer period, I add it to Tailwind Loops. And then I share it in Tailwind Tribes, which allows other like-minded bloggers and business owners to share the pin(s), too. 

I go into much more detail about how I use Pinterest organically this way (and more!) in my class, Promoting Your Online Business on Pinterest (Especially for artists, makers, and creatives!) which is free for 2 months to new Skillshare students (and included in any Premium Skillshare membership.) Here are just a few of the nice things my students have said about the class:

Great class! Learned a lot in such a short time, and actually learned more than in a class I paid for that had a Pinterest section. Worth watching if you’re just starting with Pinterest for business!” — Alaina B. 

This was terrific! I’m still at the beginning of my social media marketing journey, and heard that Pinterest wasn’t a good option as you should not be pinning your own stuff. I’m so happy to hear that it can be done, if you do it right — and at the same time you’re helping others and building your community. Thanks so much!” – Kate I.

Jules is an AWESOME teacher. This is one of SEVERAL classes of her’s I’ve taken. I have learned so much from each one. I am getting ready to open an etsy shop and wasn’t quite sure how to incorporate my established Pinterest account but now I have the confidence to do that as well as other great ways to drive traffic to my website. THANKS JULES!….again 🙂​” – Melinda H. 


My 3rd favorite way to Get More Traffic from Pinterest is by Promoting Pins

Over the years I’ve dabbled in paying for promoted pins on Pinterest, but for the most part it was just kind of hit and miss. I was “just trying it out” without any real plan or goals. (Not a bright plan for someone in business!

That is, until I took Pin Practical Promotions. On one hand, I hate to share that link with you because she doesn’t always have the course available. On the other hand, you can sign up for the waiting list and be among the first to know when it does come back. (Plus she usually has some sort of free challenge that you can start right away that I’m sure you’ll find helpful, too!) 

I’m personally still gathering data and results from my own promoted pins (and I’ll be sure to write about my results in a future blog post) but what I can say today is this: I feel more confident than ever about promoting my blog and shop on Pinterest! Because of the course I know what results I actually want (things like ROI and new subscribers, etc.) and how to get them.

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention, I’m doing all this and getting tons of traffic for pennies! That compared to my advertising on Pinterest before where I just threw my marketing money at it and hoped that it all worked out. (Again: That’s NOT a good way to do business, by the way!) The way she teaches the class keeps your advertising costs SUPER LOW


Now that I’ve shared three ways to get more traffic from Pinterest, you may (or may not) know that they recently went public. While it might seem somewhat dry and unimportant, it’s really not! It’s actually pretty exciting! In fact, I recommend reading this post, “Pinterest IPO Changes Everything For Content Creators” to learn more.  


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    Great points. I am using tailwind and it really makes a difference.
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