5 Ways to Make Money On Pinterest

I will happily admit it: I am obsessed with Pinterest! There are so many reasons why, like the fact that it brings more traffic to my websites than any other source (besides Google, but that’s a new thing! Pinterest used to bring almost 70% of my traffic, but now it’s more 50/50 between Google and Pinterest). And “Pinterest” almost always the answer to How Did You Hear About Us? Plus the fact that, when I pin a blog post to Pinterest, traffic from that one pin almost always grows over time (compared to social media sites like Instagram or Twitter, where a post is basically dead after 20 minutes (for Twitter) to maybe 2 days (on Instagram). But another reason I love Pinterest so much? I actually make money there! So today I’m sharing 5 Ways to Make Money On Pinterest!

(This post contains affiliate links. Not sure what that means? You can click here and a new tab will open with a full explanation.)

Okay, so the first of 5 Ways to Make Money On Pinterest is… Affiliate links!

So this is a relatively new way to make money on Pinterest, as they had actually banned affiliate links for a few years. Luckily for us, they’ve lifted the ban and now you can pin direct affiliate links. But be careful! While it’s okay by Pinterest’s standards, some affiliate programs do not allow saving directly onto Pinterest (like Amazon, for one!) So just make sure it’s okay with the companies you affiliate with, too.

So I’ve done this a few ways: I’ve created images and/or used images supplied by the company I am an affiliate for, and uploaded them directly to Pinterest, using my affiliate link as the URL. I like to use keyword rich descriptions and lately I’ve started adding a handful of hashtags, since now Pinterest is also allowing/using them. Here is an example:


An example pin from the blog post: 5 Ways to Make Money On Pinterest at CreatingBeautifully.com



Now, if someone clicks through and buys that course, I get a referral commission.

Another way I do this (pinning directly) is with Pay Per Click affiliate programs. For example, I signed up for ShopStyle Collective, and I pin directly from their site. It makes it SUPER easy for me, and I get paid a small amount any time someone clicks through any of those pins, like this one:


Another example pin from the blog post: 5 Ways to Make Money On Pinterest at CreatingBeautifully.com



While I usually only get $.05-.10 per click, it all adds up, especially on Pinterest where, as I mentioned before, the pins I’ve saved typically get more and more traffic over time.

I also create blog posts with items in it that I’m an affiliate for and pin those. I might write a specific post about one product (like this one I wrote about Tailwind), or say, an artist (with affiliate links to their art) like this interview I did with Cat Coq, or I might have a more general post, with affiliate links to several different types of affiliate (and non-affiliate!) products and/or services I recommend (like this post about how to start a blog that makes passive income). Then I simply save those posts to Pinterest!

Oh, and I made sure I signed up with AWIN so I could be come an Etsy affiliate! There are so many amazing things for sale on Etsy, from other small (largely women-owned) businesses, so I love to support them by pinning from Etsy. And the cool thing about that is, it doesn’t cost the seller anything! All referral commissions are paid by Etsy themselves — not the sellers. Win-win! (UPDATE 3/27/18: Etsy no longer allows direct affiliate links to Pinterest. You must pin any Etsy affiliate links from your blog or website, not Etsy itself.)


The second of 5 Ways to Make Money On Pinterest: Pinning directly to my products.

I have a few different (mostly entrepreneur-related) products in my Etsy shop, so I pin those directly onto Pinterest. If you sell products that you’ve made yourself, you can pin them directly from your Etsy shop, your ecommerce website, or wherever you may be selling! I typically pin new products as I add them, and then go back and pin them again every few months or so.

In fact, I also have Society6 and RedBubble shops for my art, and I pin directly from those, as well. Same as above: I pin them as soon as I add the new work, and then go back and pin more every few months or so.

I like to create a variety of boards I can pin these products to: not just a board titled “art”, but boards like “Living with Art”, “Home Decor” and more. I also have a group board for artists called “Art for the Home” and I try to join other relevant group boards to pin to, as well.


The third of 5 Ways to Make Money On Pinterest: Pinning directly to your Courses or Classes.

If you have courses on places like Skillshare and Thinkific (like I do), you can create Pinterest-friendly images for those and pin back to them, as well.

When I say “Pinterest friendly, I mean tall and narrow (like 600×900 pixels) for maximum real estate on Pinterest. The smaller/shorter the image, the less likely it is to get noticed, re-pinned, and/or clicked through. And that’s no fun at all!


The fourth of 5 Ways to Make Money On Pinterest: Pinning back to your blog and monetize it with ads.

Once your blog or website gets enough traffic from Pinterest (and/or anywhere else!), you can also put advertising on your site that simply pays for your page views and click throughs. In the beginning, you could sign up with AdSense, since they don’t have traffic requirements.

Once you get up over 25,000 sessions per month, you might want to consider joining an ad network like Mediavine, because most bloggers report better rates with them than Adsense.


The final of 5 Ways to Make Money On Pinterest: Promoting your Services.

If you have any kind of service based business, you can still promote yourself on Pinterest, too! Especially if you offer social media marketing services. But really any kind of service that you can offer remotely could be promoted on Pinterest. If your business is mostly local, it might be a little tougher, but even then, you could get on group boards for your city and/or metropolitan area, and create a local board to pin to, as well.


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And I’d LOVE it if you pinned this post, too! … Here’s a Pinterest friendly image 😘 :


Check out these 5 Ways to Make Money On Pinterest! I had no idea it could be so easy!






  1. Reply

    Kathy Watt Zawacki

    March 2, 2018

    Jules, this blog has great info. While most of it doesn’t apply to where I’m at, #2 was especially helpful. I never thought about going back and re pinning from my Etsy shop. I’ve only posted your classes on FB from Skillshare, but will add Pinterest as well! Thanks!

  2. Reply


    March 2, 2018

    Thank you for mentioning us in this great Pinterest monetization post, Jules!
    Mediavine is known for helping online publishers monetize their existing content through digital advertising that doesn’t slow down sites or destroy audience experience. But ads are just the beginning. Our mission is to create sustainable businesses for digital content creators. We are committed to providing education to publishers on a wide variety of topics from social media to SEO and helping them diversify their income streams with our influencer marketing department and other resources (like your post!)
    As you said, our threshold to work with a site is 25k monthly sessions and we’re here to answer any questions at publishers@mediavine.com.
    Thanks again!
    ~Jenny, Mediavine Marketing Associate

  3. Reply


    March 26, 2018

    Hi. Today received notification that Etsy Affiliate links will no longer work on Pinterest. I asked the situation ref if links will become dead etc, and Etsy said it’s Pinterest new policy not Etsy. So I guess this means Pinterest stopping affiliate links again to all Affiliate programmes. Have you heard this? Do you know if Pinterest are going to allow any affiliate links at all, or stopping all again?

    • Reply

      Jules Tillman

      March 26, 2018

      Hi Fiona,

      I got the same email and reached out to Etsy and here was their response:

      “Thank you for getting in touch. Correct, links directly to Etsy via Facebook or Pinterest are no longer allowed. We do encourage you to link to your blog posts via Facebook and Pinterest.

      For example:

      Prohibited: FB/Pinterest post/pin → Etsy affiliate product link
      Allowed: FB/Pinterest post/pin → Blog post → Etsy affiliate link within your blog post

      As this policy begins moving forward, you do not need to delete any existing pins or posts as we know that would be tedious. To give you more context, these changes come off the back of Facebook updating their branded content tool, specifically #6. Pinterest falls in-line with our social sharing policy, which we have always had in place – we’re just calling it out specifically as we’ve had numerous inquiries over our Pinterest policy as of late so wanted it to be clearly stated.

      I hope this helps!”

      It’s really bummer news. 🙁 But I hope this was helpful.

      With gratitude,

  4. Reply


    March 26, 2018

    The Etsy affiliate program changes are super disappointing 🙁 I always feel like they’re saying hey thanks for being our affiliate, but don’t promote anything -lol-

    • Reply

      Jules Tillman

      March 28, 2018


      But also, ugh… I agree!

      Luckily we can still pin from our blog posts, though!

      With gratitude,