9 Things You Can Do When You Feel Totally Unmotivated

9 Things You Can Do When You Feel Totally Unmotivated


As creative business owners, we all through times of having massive motivation, and others when you feel your well is completely dry. Sometimes it happens because of things outside of your business, but regardless, you have to keep working. And you might know that in your heart (and bank account) but it doesn’t really help. So below are 9 things you can do when you feel totally unmotivated to help you get through those days…

9 Things You Can Do When You Feel Totally Unmotivated


  1. Do something small. Anything, really! If you have a bunch of shipping to do, pack one order. If you haven’t come up with any new scents for your soaps, start a list of ideas. If you have 25 emails to respond to, reply to one email.  Sometimes these simple little acts will help you start the ball rolling and get more done.
  2. Take a walk. Getting out of the house, office, and/or studio and taking a walk around your neighborhood is a great way to refresh yourself and your thoughts.
  3. Clean up your work space. Unless you are always tidy (and I don’t know many creatives who are… although I know it exists!), a clean and organized work space might be just the motivator you need. I get into this little routine of cleaning up my studio space right before I start a big painting. I call it creative procrastination, but I feel like it helps me clear out some white space in my mind for the creativity to enter, while also creating a clean and tidy work space for me to create in.
  4. Promise yourself something special. Say you have a big order to complete, but no motivation to do it. Create a reward for yourself when you do. It can be anything that will motivate you: from something as small as a square of chocolate or a glass of wine to a drive to the shore or a night out with friends. Find something that will help push you to finish, and then reap your reward!
  5. Nothing gets me juicy like coming up with new ideas. Maybe step away from your computer screen and head to a coffee shop with a paper notebook and your favorite pen. Come up with 10 (or 20 or 100!) ways you could make more money in your business. Or 10 ways you can be happier now. Or 10 new design ideas for your next project. Or 20 new blog post topics. Sometimes stepping away from your normal work space is just the thing you need.
  6. Do the one thing you don’t want to do. Sometimes just getting that one thing out of the way can help you focus on the parts of your business you enjoy most.
  7. If you haven’t already, write a to do list. I surprise myself with how much a list of to do’s will help motivate me. I think the reason is two-fold: one, I know I have all these things to do, but sometimes it’s hard to know which to tackle first. Writing them down (with the top 3 priorities highlighted) really helps. And two: I just really enjoy crossing things off of a list! 😉
  8. Spend 10-20 minutes meditating. Whether it’s guided meditation or on your own, meditation is great for clearing your mind of all the muck, making way for your mojo to re-enter.
  9. Realize, that this too shall pass. Whether the reasons for your lack of motivation stem from the inside or out, it will eventually go away. Just realizing that can help.

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