Being an Artist or Creative Entrepreneur Doesn’t Have to be a Lonely Business!

I’ve been thinking about you.

Well, all of my blog readers, subscribers, and followers, actually. I started Creating Beautifully, in part, because I wanted to create a community where creatives could gather and learn from each other, be inspired by each other, and generally light each other up.

Sounds pretty dreamy, right?

Only, in the creation of the website and writing of all the blogs posts and about pages and, newsletters, and, and, and… I forgot about the actual “community.”

I mean, I love all the love “Friday Favs gets on Instagram, and the comments I get on blog posts, but I had to ask myself: other than that, when/where/how are we all really connecting?

That question kind of hurt my own feelings! 😞


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So I decided to start a new Facebook group, just for us. And I’m soooo excited about it!

Although… I can hear some of you saying: Another Facebook group, Jules, really?!

Here’s the thing: I don’t want to contribute more noise into the world, I want to contribute to you your growth: as an artist, a creative, an extrepreneur, and as a human.

And that’s what this new group is all about. I want us to support and uplift each other in meaningful ways (ie., no spam, blatant self-promotions, or jerks allowed.)

So if you’re looking for a place to make friends, share creative ideas, chat with other artists, get feedback on current/future/or even past projects, discuss the ins and outs – and highs and lows – of being a creative entrepreneur… Well, I truly hope you’ll join us!

And if you also have a creative friend you think might enjoy being a part of this community? Please feel free to invite them too!

Feel free to introduce yourself once you’re in! And start discussions on the topics that are on your mind. Every once in awhile, I’ll bring up certain topics for us to discuss and celebrate, too!I really hope you’ll join the community!

Because Being an Artist or Creative Entrepreneur Doesn’t Have to be a Lonely Business!Β 

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