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the difference between choosing and deciding

the difference between choosing and deciding: a creative entrepreneur's guide.

Many of us use the words choose and decide somewhat interchangeably. But as a creative coach, I talk about the difference between choosing and deciding.     There really is a big difference, but it can be explained in a very simple way: ➙ You choose what to have for dinner. ⇉ You decide to commit to your dreams. A decision is a […]

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Getting into Creative Flow

Getting Into Creative Flow doesn't have to be hard! In fact, it should come easy. Learn how you can start getting into creative flow today!

Ever since I started creating the Creative Coaching for Introverts program, I’ve been feeling in flow (which happens to be my word of the year for 2017). But how can you start getting into creative flow and what does being “in flow” really mean?     Surprisingly, I really love the Wikipedia definition: “In positive psychology, flow, also known as the […]

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