Etsy Sellers Boost Traffic to Your Etsy Shop With this Free & Easy Tip!

Let’s face it, getting found in the sea of Etsy search can be tricky. Nailing your SEO, keywords, tags, photos and more is not an easy task. But what if I told you that you could boost traffic to your Etsy shop, be in front of more people on Etsy every single day, and it would cost you $0 and just a couple of minutes of your time? You’d probably try it, right? I mean, some of the top Etsy sellers are doing it, so shouldn’t you? Let’s get to…

Etsy Sellers: Boost Traffic to Your Shop With this Free & Easy Tip!


Etsy Sellers Boost Traffic to Your Shop With this Free & Easy Tip!


But let’s rewind for a moment first and take a little trip back in time…

Remember the days when Etsy had a “front page” and on that front page, you’d find a new treasury (or list of 16 items) every hour or so? You would hope and pray that somehow a treasury with one of your items (or, second best, a treasury you made) would be featured!

And when you were! A rush of traffic would flood to your shop and many times, sales would be made.

It was awesome! Wonderful! Blissful!

Only, NOT. Because it was also a long shot…

Because there were about a bajillion new treasuries made every day, and only 24 or so slots to fill. And the treasuries that were chosen for the front page had to have this magical mix of products with PERFECT photographs and a variety of prices and be color-coordinated and somehow have just the right amount of fairy dust sprinkled on them that some “treasury chooser” (aka treasury god or goddess) would deem worthy of that front page.

It was tough to get there, lemme tell you!

Well, back to the present and now you can be on the “front page” (now simply known as the homepage) pretty much any time you want.

How, you ask?

Simple: Shop Updates!

Here’s how it goes: when someone favorites your shop, they are going to see your shop updates on their homepage. (They might also see your newest products, but that is a post for another day.) So all you have to do to get yourself in front of the people who already like your shop is with Shop Updates!

Here’s a 30 second video of exactly what I’m talking about:


As you can see, in my own feed, my two latest shop updates are showing. I’ve favorited hundreds, if not thousands of shops, so it just goes to show that very few people are actually using this little trick.

But the thing is: it works! It really does Boost Traffic to Your Etsy Shop!

When I post an update, I see an increase in both traffic and sales!

So how do you post a shop update? It’s super easy, but you have to have the Etsy seller app on your phone. You simply log in, go to the menu, choose “Shop Updates” and the app will take you from there. (This is how I do it on my iPhone, so Androids might be slightly different. But I’m sure it’s just as easy!)

You can choose an existing photo from your own photos albums, or you can take a photo to share. Then you can tag one of the items from your shop and add up to 255 characters of text to go along with your photo.

It literally takes me less than 2 minutes to create and publish a shop update, and it’s basically free advertising from Etsy!

Now, I know that this tip just added ONE MORE THING to your “to do” list every day, so here’s an additional tip: if you don’t want to add an update every single day, head over to your Etsy Stats page, and look at the last 30 days. Which day, or days of the week do you naturally get more traffic? (In my art shop, it was Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. For Creating Beautifully it’s Mondays and Saturday.) Post Shop Updates on the days that your target customer is already shopping on Etsy, for maximum exposure.

You can do the same thing when deciding what time of day to post. Just check your stats page and start checking each day for bumps in traffic and sales. In my Creating Beautifully Etsy shop, my traffic and sales tend to be highest in the mid- to late-afternoon. So, obviously, this is when I’m going to post my Shop Updates.

Just like anything else, the easiest way to remember to do this is by writing it down in your paper planner, or adding it to your calendar or planner on your computer or phone. If you have a content and/or social media planner, you can add it to that.

Either way, it’s so easy, and as I said before, it’s like free adverting from Etsy! And it can boost traffic to your Etsy shop today! Who doesn’t want that? I know I love it!

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  1. Reply

    Kathy Watt Zawacki

    March 28, 2017


    Thank you for these Shop Update tips! While I have utilized my Shop Updates, I never really thought about how they can be used to put your Shop out there using the Stats. I am working on my next new series from Peru, pretty excited, and will track my stat page prior to posting.

    Thank you as always for your wealth of inspiring tips!


    • Reply


      May 4, 2017

      Hey Kathy! Thanks so much for your comments! I’ve been playing more and more with shop updates, and my traffic is up about 20-30%! It’s so awesome!

      Good luck with all you do!

      With gratitude,