I believe in creating a beautiful life that you absolutely love.


Life is too short and precious to waste time going to a job you hate, working for a boss who doesn’t appreciate you, or doing unfulfilling work just to pay your mortgage. Not to mention being away from your children and/or other people you love, long dreadful commutes, zero flexibility, etc.


That’s why I started Creating Beautifully: to help people live the life of their dreams, doing work that fuels their soul and their bank accounts.


Who is Creating Beautifully for?


Meet jules of creatingbeautifully.com!Hi, I’m Jules Tillman and well, I’m pretty much the person I just described. I’m an introverted artist and life-long entrepreneur with some extroverted tendencies (I love to hug and I sometimes talk a lot… I’m definitely a loud laugher! But I also need my quiet/alone time every single day).

I love working for myself because I thrive working on things I truly care about, in my own quiet way. And, truth be told I’m a bit of a rebel (and I have the tattoos and ever changing hair color to prove it!)

I’m also the best boss I’ve ever had!

And while I know being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone, I have the feeling it might be for you. Because I doubt you’d have read this far if it wasn’t.

(If you’d like, you can read more about me here.)



So what can you expect from Creating Beautifully?


Ways to make money online doing the things you’re already passionate about.

Things like: making art, blogging about what lights you up, making handmade goods, designing products, and so much more!

We’ll also cover the (many!) ways you can monetize your passions. Through things like selling products online and off, wholesaling and more.

Also, I love to share my favorite form of online income: affiliate marketing! Affiliate marketing is my favorite because it’s passive and recurring. Passive meaning I do the work ahead of time and get paid for that work over and over (that’s the recurring part!) Typically that’s done via my blog and email list, but I share some other, not so obvious ways to make passive income here, too!

And what if you don’t know what your passions are, or how to monetize them? Or maybe you’re not sure how to find and live your life’s purpose?

That’s okay, because I’ve got you covered there, too, with my creative business coaching programs, courses, and more.

Oh! And just in case being your own boss isn’t for you, I’ll also share legit work at home jobs, side hustles, and ways to make a little extra money every month!


But I think it’s important to note what Creating Beautifully isn’t:

It’s not a place you’ll find “get rich quick” schemes, pie-in-the-sky ideas, or MLM pitches.

You’ll actually have to do work. You’ll most likely have to learn new things, and sometimes it will be difficult. Especially in the beginning, when your work-to-income ratio feels, well, unfair.

The thing is, if it were easy, everyone would own their own business and every business would succeed. And that’s just not the way things are.

But if you’re willing to put in the time (some bloggers, artists, and makers don’t see any significant income for a year or two),  investment (most of the ideas and businesses I share here can be started for under $100 – some even less and a few a bit more) and effort (you will have to put in time – whether it’s 5 hours a week or 40, setting up – and sticking to – a consistent schedule is the most important factor here).

I just want to say: Thanks for stopping by and learning more!

I’d love to stay in touch via email! Please sign up to hear from me weekly (very occasionally I’ll send a few extra emails!) And you can trust that I won’t sell your email address or send you anything spammy.


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