How to Fill Those 5 Extra Etsy Photo Slots

Great! Etsy just gave you 5 more spots for photos in your listings! But the question is now, how to fill those 5 extra Etsy photo slots? Here are 20+ ideas.

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Etsy sellers may have seen or heard that you can now start adding up to 10 photos (instead of the original 5) to each of your product listings. This is amazing news! 

Now, I can hear some of you now, saying, “But Jules, I already had a hard time coming up with 5 photos, now I have to make 5 more?!

I know, I know… but yes, and no

I have a few ideas that will help you fill those slots, some are for actual product photos, and some are not.

Here’s the thing, Etsy knows that the longer a customer spends on your product page, the more engaged they are and therefore more likely to buy.

Plus, if you’ve been an Etsy seller for awhile now, you probably have noticed: Etsy buyers don’t read! Now, that may be an over-generalization, but I swear, I cannot count how many times I’ve been emailed by a potential customer, asking me for information that is already in my listing description! (It’s frustrating, am I right?!)

So having more space to create visuals for them to look at is a HUGE plus for us Etsy sellers! Now let’s think about how we can take advantage of it…

How to Fill Those 5 Extra Etsy Photo Slots

First, here are some ideas that may be obvious to some, but may be over-looked by others (because even if you have an amazing product, if your photos aren’t amazing, your product will be less likely to sell!):

  • Make sure your photos are clean, clear and well-lit
  • Show your products from all different angles possible
  • Shoot your product on a clean white background for at least one shot

Images you can create once and add to ALL of your listings

  • Include size guides if you offer more than one size
  • Include color variations if you offer more than one color
  • A photo of you in the studio and/or making your work
  • Your studio, work space or supplies
  • Social proof: think testimonials or customer photos (ask for permission when using your customer’s photos, though!)
  • Create an image that asks them to: sign up for your newsletter, follow you on social media
  • If you offer custom or commissioned work, let them know it!
  • If you have pretty or exceptional packaging, photograph that
  • A process shot – of you making or many items at one stage of making, etc.
  • Your logo
  • If you sell at fairs, include a photo of your booth
  • Create a collage of many of your products


Images you can add to individual listings

  • If applicable, shoot a bunch of your products together
  • Include a close-up
  • Create more lifestyle shots
  • Pinterest-friendly images (think tall and narrow – about 735×1200 pixels)
  • Use mockup photos to create lifestyle pictures
  • Someone using / wearing / holding your product
  • Show the scale of your product(s) by including something else in the shot (quarters and measuring tapes are boring, so get creative!)

Hopefully these ideas will help you answer how to fill those 5 extra Etsy photo slots! I’m curious if you have any additional ideas? If so, please share them in the comments below!

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