How to Grow Your Email List Using Convertkit

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How to Grow Your Email List Using ConvertKit |

As artists, makers and creatives, we hear this all the time:

“You MUST be growing an email list!”

And I agree! But the tricky part is how? Well, for me, a huge part of the “how” is with ConvertKit. But to be honest? When I first started using ConvertKit, I did it all wrong.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but I basically just used ConvertKit to send out my emails every week to my subscribers for the entire first year. That’s it. But I can hear you asking, “Well, Jules, isn’t that what an email service provider is for?

Yes, but ConvertKit does SO MUCH MORE than that! And it wasn’t until I started properly using all of the tools and features that my list really started to grow like gang busters! So today I’m going to walk you through some of those very tools and features, and explain how I’m putting them to use, and growing my email list every single day.

But really quick, before I get to that, I want to tell you something else: I actually started building my email list with Aweber. Aweber is a fine email service provider, and I started out with them because they are affordable and easy to use. But there was ONE thing that I found out about ConvertKit vs. Aweber… both allow you to have multiple email lists (so, say you want one list for customers and one list that you use as a 30 day email course). Well, on Aweber, if Jane is on both lists, she is counted as two subscribers (and you pay Aweber monthly, based on how many subscribers you have.) But with ConvertKit Jane is counted as ONE subscriber, whether she’s on one list, or 20! So that alone was worth the switch for me.

I know that was a small digression, but I think it’s important to note, if you’re considering ConvertKit over another email service provider. But let’s get back to it!


Grow Your Email List Using Convertkit


So the first way I use ConvertKit to build my email list is with incentives. What is an incentive? It’s basically a free gift you’re giving to your new subscribers for signing up. They are sometimes called opt-ins, lead magnets, or content upgrade. It’s typically some sort of freebie that you know your ideal client won;t want to live without (or, at the very least, something they won’t want to leave your site without!) In my case, I use things like my “52 Blog Post Ideas for Artists” PDF, as well as “10 Days of Instagram Photo Ideas” PLUS bonus Instagram Post tracker” among others.

ConvertKit makes offering these incentives easy in a variety of ways!

First of all, you set up your incentive to be automatically delivered to your new subscribers within ConvertKit. So you don’t have to worry about delivery once it’s all set up. Also, you can use the same incentive with different forms throughout your site so you can track where each new subscriber is coming from.

And as I mentioned, you can also set up different incentives that all lead to one list, or different incentives for different lists. So, in my case of “52 Blog Post Ideas for Artists” I simply have that link at the bottom of that blog post. But I can also add it to other related blog post topics like I have with “10 Days of Instagram Photo Ideas” PLUS bonus Instagram Post tracker“. Basically, that one is at the bottom of every blog post I’ve written about Instagram (because I know people who are reading a post about Instagram will likely be interested in downloading those.)

But the incentive is just the first part of ConvertKit‘s brilliant system. By using different incentives, and or different forms, I’m also “tagging” my customer’s interests in different things. So I know who on my list is interested in topics like Instagram and/or blogging.

But what’s even cooler than that is that I also have ConvertKit set up to track who has purchased anything from my shop! So if I’m promoting, say, my “80 Instagram Post Ideas: Especially for Artists, Makers and Creatives” I can exclude those people who have already purchased it (because, why annoy them if they’ve already purchased that item!?)


You Can Also Save (lots of!) Money With ConvertKit


You can also design a landing page with ConvertKit (which helps you save money because you don’t need services like LeadPages!) There are so many ways to use landing pages to gain more subscribers, like:


  • Offering a special gift for readers of a guest blog post or listeners to a podcast you were a guest on.
  • A workshop or webinar sign up page.
  • A new email course you’re offering, etc.


And the cool thing is, you can have ConvertKit host those landing pages for you (why is this great? Well, if you don’t have a blog, but you sell on Etsy and want to start building your email list, ConvertKit can host that page for you!) Of course, you can also host them on your own domain / website.


[bctt tweet=”Another way to grow your email list using ConvertKit is by offering a free email course…” username=”OhHeyCB”]


Another way to grow your email list using ConvertKit is by offering a free email course. ConvertKit makes this SUPER easy with their “sequences”. Sure, just about every other email service provider offers something similar to sequences, but ConvertKit actually helps you craft your own series of emails — and they offer tips and advice on things like what you should be saying and when, to when you should be offering a soft or hard pitch, and more!

Think your sequence is in the wrong order? No problem! You can easily drag and drop each email to reorder it. You can also schedule each email to go out at a specific time and day, and even any email from being sent a certain day of the week. (Saturdays have a super-low open rate? Uncheck Saturday and any email in your sequence won’t go out on Saturdays!)

Now, this isn’t a comprehensive list of all of ConvertKit‘s features, but these are some of the ways you can grow your email list with ConvertKit. But once you learn how to use their tools to grow your list, you can quickly and easily learn (and implement!) all of their other features that can help you nurture that list, as well.

Do you have any questions or comments about ConvertKit? Please feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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February 25, 2017