How to Promote Products and Blog Posts on Pinterest

After my last couple of Skillshare classes (Start a Creative Passive Income Business – for Free! In 7 Days or Less. and “Etsy Side Hustle: How to Make Money with Etsy Without “Making” Anything!“), I got a lot of questions about how to promote products and blog posts, so I just created my newest class:

“Promoting your Online Business on Pinterest (Especially for artists, makers, and creatives!)”

I hope you’ll check it out if it sounds like something that would be helpful to you.  Want more info before click through? Well…

How to Promote Products and Blog Posts on Pinterest

How to Promote Products and Blog Posts on Pinterest


Did you know that Pinterest has 200+ Million monthly users? And a huge portion of those users are not only clicking through on pins to get more information, but they’re also BUYING things they find there!

When I noticed that over 60% of my own traffic was coming from Pinterest (where I currently have around 6600 followers) and only 3% was coming from Instagram (where I currently have 110k+ followers) — despite the fact that I was spending way less time on Pinterest and way too much time on Instagram, I knew I needed to change my game plan.

Maybe you do, too?

In this class I cover:

  • Perfecting Your Pinterest Profile
  • Creating Eye-Catching Pinterest Boards
  • The Anatomy of a Perfect Pin
  • Pinning from Etsy
  • Pinning from Your Website or Blog
  • How to Pin? Yep! How to Pin!
  • Making Your Life Easier by Scheduling Pins

And there is a fun class project! You’ll create a Pin based on all of the information you learned in the class! I also encourage all students to share each others pins so we promote and support each other. (Plus I share a link to a free trial of my favorite Pinterest approved software.)

The class is especially for artists, makers, and creatives! But it will be helpful to anyone who wants to learn more about the power of free exposure you can get on Pinterest. I hope you’ll join me in the class!

I’d LOVE to hear from you about what types of classes you’d like me to teach! Here are some of my topic ideas, and you can comment below to “vote” for the topic number you’re most interested in! (And feel free to choose more than one, or suggest ideas not listed!)

  1. Art / Craft / Making as a Business
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Passive Income for Artists (get the course, if this topic interests you!)
  4. Passive Income for Makers
  5. Side Hustles / Work at Home Jobs
  6. Instagram for Creative Business Owners
  7. Tailwind for Creative Business Owners
  8. Online Business & Blogging (If you’re thinking of starting a blog to make passive income, this is a must read!)
  9. Positive Living (meditation, creative prompts, etc.)



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  1. Reply

    Sarah Jane

    January 18, 2018

    I have used a few of the tools available online for managing my Pins but still, I had to be there online and onsite all the time watching out and frankly, I did not have that much liberty at the time. So I decided to look for the permanent fix and checked at and believe you me, I have not worried a bit about my schedules and pins after that as it does the work for me by crawling in my webpage and automatically detecting the content to be pinned thereby adding more followers to my page.
    It allows me to add as many Pinterest account as I want. So I can manage any number of acocunts and transfer days between them. Another amazing feature of this web service is that it is totally running on the cloud and even accessible through my mobile phone and that is exactly what makes it so quick and easy to access and use…

    • Reply

      Jules Tillman

      February 9, 2018

      Interesting! But it’s pricey and they don;t seem to be an approved developer. I love and recommend Tailwind because Tailwind is an official Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner for Content Marketing. I know I won’t get “dinged” by Pinterest for using it.

      With gratitude,

  2. Reply

    Brenda Roberts

    January 29, 2018

    The Class was great! Thank you.
    Can you send me the pdf?

  3. Reply


    February 16, 2018

    Hi Jules,
    This is my first comment on your posts, but I have been reading them for a few months now. Your posts have been really and truly helpful as a starting artist with a new website. I have been concentrating on building my instagram followers but seeing as most of your website viewers came from Pinterest (by the way, I found your site from Pinterest), I think I will start building up my Pinterest followers now. I will go check on your class. Thanks a lot for sharing us your knowledge.

    • Reply

      Jules Tillman

      February 23, 2018

      You just made my day! Thanks Krizia!