Listening to your Intuition in Your Creative Business

Listening to your Intuition in Your Creative Business |

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I’d love to ask you, have you been listening to your intuition in your creative business? Do you feel like it’s something you’re in touch with at all? Is it all a little to “woo woo” for you? First, let’s just clear up what I mean by intuition…

Sometimes people call it a “gut feeling” or even “following your heart” and only have those feelings on occasions: maybe it’s not working with a certain client (and learning later that person was a flake), or even taking a different route home after picking up the kids from school (only to learn there was an accident on your normal route.)

Some people might call these scenarios something completely different: divine guidance, angels, or even just coincidence.

No matter where you fall on that spectrum, listening to your intuition can have amazing results in your life, as well as in your creative business.

Listening to your Intuition in Your Creative Business


If you’re new to listening to your intuition, you can start with simple exercises. For instance, say you’re trying to decide on whether or not to buy an online course that will help you build your business. The easiest way is to sit in a quiet room and ask your intuition (aloud or even just in your head) whether or not you should buy the course.

When I ask my intuition things this way, it replies with a (literal) gut feeling. If the answer is “yes” I get this sort of swirly, excited feeling at the top of my stomach (like when you walked by the person you had a crush on in high school). It can be super swirly, or just some mild butterflies. But either way, I know that is a positive reaction to my question from my intuition.

A “no” or negative reaction usually either feels like nothing, or a sort of tense/nervous feeling, also at the top of my stomach. You might have different physical reactions: you might feel it in your heart, see an answer, or even hear it in your mind.

There’s no one right or wrong way to hear from your intuition, you simply have to figure out how it answers you. If you’re having a hard time tuning into your intuition, don’t try to force it. Simply relax, you can even close your eyes, and wait for an answer. If it doesn’t come right away? That’s okay. Try again later. Although, I will say this: I usually take getting no response as a “no” or negative response to what I’m asking. You’ll have to ask more questions and see what the outcome is for you in order to tell if it’s the same for you.

Intuition becomes increasingly valuable in the new information society precisely because there is so much data. — John Naisbitt

Once you’re comfortable checking in with smaller, yes or no questions, you can also try writing to your intuition for longer, more detailed answers. This is something I’ve used regularly after listening to this Jess Lively Podcast on intuition in 2014.

Basically, you write down a question (handwritten questions and answers seem to work best) and then wait for a reply. Sometimes my intuition answers so quickly, I don’t even have time to write out my complete question. Other times I have to sit and wait for an answer for several minutes.

If I don’t get an answer? Just like with the yes or no questions, I typically take that as a negative response. So if I were asking “How should I move forward with XYZ project?” And I didn’t get a reply, I would take that to mean either: I shouldn’t move forward with XYZ project at all, or, at least not at this time.

So then I might ask, “What project should I be working on next?” And go from there.

If you’re still not getting answers (to either your yes or no questions, or your written questions), you can try some things to help you connect:

Meditation: even as little as 6 minutes a day can help you connect with your intuition. My goal is 15-20 minutes of daily meditation. Sometimes this is sitting in silence, and learning to focus on my breath. Yes, your mind will wander: don’t beat yourself up over it, simply, gently, and kindly bring your focus back to your breath. You can also try guided meditations, especially if you have a hard time sitting in silence for that long.

Look for signs. If you don’t get an answer (either as a feeling or in written words), try looking for signs. I’ve been reading The Lotus & the Lily and in it she helps you figure out your spirit guide. Mine is an owl. Two nights later I heard an owl outside my window. Something I’ve never heard living here in the last 6 years!

Try affirmations. Creating a daily ritual of repeating something like “I am connected to my intuition and trust my gut feelings. I will listen to my intuition and act accordingly today.”
Use crystals. Some of the best crystals for connecting to your intuition are: quartz crystal, aquamarine, amethyst, celestite, moss agate, malachite, and azurite. I will typically hold at least one crystal while I meditate and/or have crystals in front of me when I write to my intuition.

So what do you do when you DO get a clear answer? Listen to it.

I fully admit, I’ve asked my intuition things in the past, and then didn’t listen to the answer. Usually because it wasn’t the answer I, or really my ego, wanted to hear. Any time I went against the answer I got and did the thing anyway, it always ended up being a flop, or worse.

So be prepared to listen to, and act on the answers you get from your intuition. It’s funny because one time I asked for tactical answers to a business question, and got this response:

Jules, … simplify and diversify… live a more more well-rounded life. Take walks along the water. Talk. Disconnect with devices and reconnect with humans. Take care of your body and your home. Leave more time for quiet in your mind. More reading, less TV.

That was not the answer I was looking for to my question about my business, but I listened, anyway, and have been doing all of the above. (Not perfectly, mind you! But I’m getting better each day.) And as I do, my business has been growing. It’s funny how the answer of “working less” has made my business even more successful (and my life so much better in general!)

Want to learn more about connecting to your intuition in your creative business? I recommend:

Listening to Your Intuition in Your Creative Business: The Intuitive Way by Penny Peirce

Listening to Your Intuition in Your Creative Business | Your Sixth Sense: Unlocking the Power of Your Intuition by Belleruth Naparstek | Creating Beautifully

While Jess Lively talks a lot about the Law of Attraction these days, she has many podcasts on intuition, too. She’s one of my favorite podcasters.

What about you? Have you been listening to your intuition in your creative business? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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    Linda Ursin

    June 22, 2017

    My intuition has been my best guide for many years 🙂 Both in business and in life. On the occasions where I haven’t listened, I’ve regretted it later