How I made $2288.21 by creating a 20 minute class on Skillshare

You guys, I’m not gonna lie: my initial experience with Skillshare was a little bit rocky. I started teaching there last year and with my first class I made around $600 the first month. I was ecstatic! I mean, I realized I wasn’t going to get rich from it or anything, but because of my love for teaching and how (fairly) easy it was for me to make videos teaching what I know, I saw it as an attainable way to make a decent chunk of passive income every single month.

But… a month or two later they changed the way they paid teachers and my monthly earnings were cut almost in half. 😱  But I persisted. For a few reasons: one was because it doesn’t take long for me to create a class, and another? Well, the passive income is pretty nice. (Plus, like I mentioned before, I just LOVE teaching!) Now I have to tell you, I’m so glad I stuck to it because one of my most recent classes took off and between it and the other classes I created, I earned almost $2300 in passive income in just one month.

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This How I Made $2288.21 by Creating a 20 Minute Class on Skillshare

Learn how I made $2288.21 by creating a 20 minute class on Skillshare! (And you can, too!)


Now, I know I told you about my bumpy start with Skillshare, but I’ve come to really love and appreciate this platform. In case you’re not familiar with it, Skillshare is an online learning platform. For one (very low) monthly fee, students get access to classes on all kinds of subjects: like business, creative, technology, and lifestyle classes — and more! Last I checked there were something like 18,000 classes and 3 million students on Skillshare. I like to think of it as ‘the Netflix of online learning.’ And, just like Netflix, there are some binge-worthy AND cringe-worthy classes! (But most of the classes that make it to the “browse” and “recommended” pages would definitely get 3.5 to 5 stars. 😉 )

You can try it out for just $0.99 cents for three months with this link! 

Anyway, back to how I made $2288.21 by creating a 20 minute class on Skillshare… I don’t want you to think this was an overnight success story. If you want to make any money on Skillshare, your classes have to be good, they have to appeal to a wide enough audience, and you have to be consistent.

Over the course of about one year, I created 8 classes:

  1. Creating a Beautifully Branded Instagram, Part I: Your Profile
  2. Creating a Beautifully Branded Instagram Part II: Your Photos & Feed
  3. Creating Beautiful Abstract Art, Quickly and Easily With Watercolor & More!
  4. From Goal Setter to Goal Getter: 4 Steps to Setting and Achieving Your Creative Business Goals
  5. Painting the Moon Phases: With watercolor, Chinese Ink and/or Acrylic Paints
  6. Etsy Side Hustle: How to Make Money with Etsy Without “Making” Anything!
  7. Start a Creative Passive Income Business – for Free! In 7 Days or Less.
  8. Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle: A New Entrepreneur’s Guide


But it wasn’t until that 7th class that things really started to pick up. But, almost as soon as I published the class, I started to notice that a lot of people were really interested in the subject. I had more students in the first day than I had in several months with a couple of my other classes! And it has continued to be my most popular class (so far!)

But the truth is: It is and it isn’t how I made $2288.21 by creating a 20 minute class on Skillshare. Because, realistically, I don’t think I could’ve had that monetary success without creating the other classes first, and going through the learning curve. Before I became a Skillshare teacher, I didn’t know how to record and edit videos on my computer! Shoot, I barely knew how to use Power Point (I’d literally used it once before, in college.)

Besides just the skills needed to create these classes, I’ve also built up my blog and Skillshare following over the last year, too. So if you’re just starting out, it might take awhile to get to the four-figure a month mark with Skillshare. (It did for me!)

But if you already have a large following? You could get there much quicker!

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You see, there are a few ways you make money with Skillshare. The first is easy and anyone can do it (even if you don’t want to teach classes!) And that’s just by referring students to Skillshare. You get $10 for every referral. Not too bad!

Now, how you get paid as a teacher is a bit more… mysterious? It has to do with a combination of factors (which Skillshare only seems to reveal a few of) and it’s called royalties. Royalties are based on: how many minutes your students watch you class(es), how many premium students Skillshare has overall, and more (it’s the “more” that’s not entirely disclosed).

Most of my classes are between 20-30 minutes, but my shortest is 15 and the longest is 40 minutes. So as you can probably guess, because I’m teaching topics I’m very familiar with, it doesn’t take long to actually create a class. I break it down into parts: creating the outline, recording the videos, editing the videos, publishing the class and then promoting the class.

  1. I create the outline in PowerPoint and usually base my classes on topics I’ve already covered in lesser degrees on my blog or in my newsletter. That way creating the outline goes quickly, and I have a pretty good idea of how popular the subject will be.
  2. Then I record and edit the class with Camtasia, a program that records my screen and voice at the same time, and then allows me to (easily) edit the recordings and merge them into longer sections for my classes. It also allows me to add music to my classes, when needed. I’d never used any kind of video editing software before this, but Camtasia made it SUPER easy.
  3. Once I’m done recording and editing, I upload all of the videos and add the class description, details, and any PDFs or additional information I want to share with my students.
  4. Once I’ve hit publish (and waited a bit for the videos to complete uploading and officially go live), I promote my class. I do this by sharing it all over my social media, sending an announcement to my email newsletter list, writing (and promoting) a blog post about it, and, sometimes, I use paid advertising it on social media, too.

Besides creating a great class, promoting your great class is the most important step. Especially in the beginning! Because you need to get at least 25 students into your class asap in order to gain any real traction. If you do, your class can end up on the “trending” page for massive exposure. And if you’re class gets a lot of new students, great reviews and student participation, Skillshare might even promote your class in it’s newsletter and throughout the site.

So there you have it, how I made $2288.21 by creating a 20 minute class on Skillshare (in one month!)

P.S. If you want to become a Skillshare teacher, contact me so I can refer you and you can get step-by-step help from Skillshare upon sign up!


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Learn how I made $2288.21 by creating a 20 minute class on Skillshare! (And you can, too!)

Learn how I made $2288.21 by creating a 20 minute class on Skillshare! (And you can, too!)

Learn how I made $2288.21 by creating a 20 minute class on Skillshare! (And you can, too!)

Learn how I made $2288.21 by creating a 20 minute class on Skillshare! (And you can, too!)