Make Money Blogging In Three Easy Ways With Etsy

For a long time, if you were an Etsy seller, you could not be an Etsy affiliate. So when I heard the news that they changed that rule, I wanted to break out the champagne! 🥂 I know a lot of bloggers and Etsy sellers who were surprised when I told them, too. So now I’m shouting it from the rooftops! And today I’m sharing how to make money blogging in three easy (and fun!) ways with Etsy.

(Just so you know, this article contains affiliate links. Not sure what that means? You can click here and a new tab will open with a full explanation.)


Learn how to Make Money Blogging In Three Easy Ways With Etsy |


First things first, you’ll need to become an affiliate for Etsy. It’s pretty easy…

First you sign up with AWIN – the affiliate network that manages Etsy’s affiliate program.

Once approved (it usually takes a couple of days), sign up for Etsy’s affiliate program (which takes another few days for approval.)

But while you’re waiting for approval, you can start thinking about what types of posts you’ll want to create. I have three that I like to create, and are popular on my blogs.

FIRST: The Gift Round-up Post

Gift round-up posts are fun and pretty easy to make. First you’ll want to come up with an idea that your target market will love. Just to throw some ideas out there to illustrate my point, gift round-up post titles could be something like:

  • Gorgeous Mother’s Days Gifts Under $100
  • 15 Gifts for Dads this Father’s Day
  • 15 Quirky Illustrations for Your Best Friend
  • 20 Christmas Gifts for Kids that Won’t Break the Bank
  • 10 Unique Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

You probably get the idea by now: these round-ups can include gift ideas based on the person receiving them, the holiday they are for, and/or the budget the buyer is working with.


SECOND: The Product-type Round-up Post

Similar to the gift round-up post, I also find that specific product-type posts are very popular and easy to make. Here are a few title examples:

  • 10 Modern and Minimal Necklaces
  • 14 Must Haves for Your Modern Home Office
  • Upscale Home Decor on a Budget
  • 15 Summer Clothing Trends You’ll Want to Wear
  • 30 Kawaii Pins and Patches That Will Make You 😍

Again, when coming up with ideas like these, you’ll want to keep your target market in mind. If your ideal customer/blog reader is new moms, you might not want to do a round-up of home office decor (unless, of course, they’re new moms who want to work at home!)

With both types of round-up posts, I like to contact all of the sellers I’ve included and just let them know about the post. I also ask that, if they feel inclined to do so, to share the post on their social media, save it to Pinterest, and/or share it on their websites. I never want to make anyone feel pressure to share it, of course! And most, if not all, typically will.


THIRD: Interview Posts

This is probably my favorite way to use Etsy affiliate links. One of the reason people love buying on Etsy is because they know that the products they’re buying are handmade by a single person who makes that product out of love. Buyers know they are supporting a small business owner / artisan / artist.

So if you can interview an Etsy seller and get more into the how and why they started making what they make, and how it became a business, and just more about them in general. Then sprinkle in images of what they make throughout the post — all using your affiliate links back to the items, of course! It’s really a win-win-win! The business owner wins because they get more publicity and sales. The buyer wins because they get to learn more about the process, craft and maker of the item(s) they’re purchasing. And YOU win because you get to make money blogging about Etsy sellers!




While the ideas above are my three favorite types of posts to insert my Etsy affiliate links into, they certainly aren’t the only way to do it! You could also:

  • Create outfit posts (where you put together an outfit from head to toe, including clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, etc.)
  • Create a DIY project with items purchased on Etsy.
  • You can actually upload pins directly on Pinterest (in this case you must make sure that you disclose that it’s an affiliate link in the pin’s description itself)
  • You also might review a product or products you purchased on Etsy.


Some Important Things to Note:


Making money with affiliate marketing takes time. So be sure you give these posts a chance to work. My first month I only made $3.68, but that little bit was enough to know that I was onto something with this!

I also (almost always) choose items that can be made over and over again. One of a kind items are great! But once they’re sold, they’re sold (so you could potentially miss out on commissions if someone clicks through to buy and that item is gone.) So I like to feature products that can be made and sold over and over. One exception to this rule is luxury/higher-priced items (like wedding rings or wedding gowns, high-end art, etc.) But even those I feature sparingly.

My favorite way to share the posts is on Pinterest. First of all, they give me a lot of content to share on Pinterest, because each product image can be its own pin. But I also always include a tall, “Pinterest-friendly” image, like this one:


13 Modern DIYs to Try


The great thing about Pinterest is that the longer your pins are around, the more popular they can become! Some of my recent pins only have maybe 10 or 20 re-pins, but some of my older pins have been re-pinned thousands of times! I use Tailwind to schedule my posts at optimized times throughout the day.

Which brings me to another point: you also don’t want to spam Pinterest with tons of your own images. I try to keep a 30/70% ratio: 30% of my pins being from my own website, and 70% of my pins being from other, quality sites and sources. Tailwind makes that super easy.

Also: it helps to share products from Etsy that are photographed beautifully. Not only will it look great on your blog, but because Pinterest is essentially a visual search engine, the nicer the photography, the better. It will help your pins stand out!

Another thing to note: your commissions are paid by Etsy, NOT the sellers. Etsy pays affiliates out of their marketing budget, so you don’t have to worry about eating into the seller’s profits.

Oh, and you cannot promote your own Etsy products with affiliate links. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t include your own Etsy products — I did in this round-up post I made, “Abstract Art Prints You Can Buy on Etsy” I just didn’t make the link to my product an affiliate link.

Finally, just like at the top of this page, you must disclose that your blog post includes affiliate links. It’s the law, and you can read about it here.


So there you have it: 3 ways to make money blogging with Etsy! (Plus a few bonus ideas thrown in.) I hope this article has been helpful. But if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave them in the comments below!


P.S. If you’re more of a visual / audio learner, you can take my class on this subject called “Etsy Side Hustle: How to Make Money with Etsy Without “Making” Anything!” free for the next 2 months when you use this link.



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