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The other day I was looking at my stats for this blog and noticed that over 60% of my traffic comes from Pinterest. Then I checked my Etsy stats and the news was not as great: only 31% of my traffic (to my Creating Beautifully shop) and 6% (OUCH!) of traffic (to my art shop) was coming from Pinterest. That’s a HUGE bummer, because:

  • 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest 
  • 72% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy offline 
  • 93% of active pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases and 87% said they’ve purchased something because of Pinterest 
  • (source➶)

So I thought to myself, Jules, how can you better promote your Etsy shop on Pinterest? (Because I talk to myself a lot… That’s part of being a solopreneur, right?!😂) I came up with five answers. Some I’ve been doing (but not consistently enough) and others are brand new (to me, anyway!) I personally plan to implement (in earnest) all 5 for a month and see how my stats change. Of course, I’ll report back here!

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I thought I knew all about how to Promote Your Etsy Shop on Pinterest, but #4 was new to me!


How to Promote Your Etsy Shop on Pinterest

Create a “Pinterest Friendly” image for your first Etsy Product Image


So the first way to help you promote your Etsy shop on Pinterest is by creating a long/tall image for you first image on Etsy. Now, of course, on Etsy it will show up as a square in your shop, so you’ll want to use the “Adjust Thumbnail” to make sure that what shoppers do see of your long image makes sense. For instance, you can see that in my shop this “80 Instagram Post ideas: Especially for Artists, Makers, and Creatives!” Instant download shows up like this in my shop:


This article shows you 5 ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop on Pinterest


But when you click on it, the image shows up like this:


This article shows you 5 ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop on Pinterest


As you can see, this image is not square, but tall and Pinterest friendly! The reason it’s important to make sure that first image is tall and narrow is because that’s the default image that populates when someone clicks that “Pin It” button to the right of the image. But if all of your images are Pinterest-friendly, even better!


Create additional Pinterest-friendly images


Even though Etsy limits you to five images for your shop listing, Pinterest doesn’t! You can create additional Pinterest-friendly images and upload them directly onto Pinterest, and then add the link back to your Etsy shop. I show you how in this video:


There are tons of ways to create Pinterest-friendly images, like using mock-ups (I love the mockups from Creative Market!) and PicMonkey, etc. When you create, pin, and track the popularity (like re-pins, click-throughs, and sales) of different pins you can find out what types of pins work best for you and your business.

Join Related Group Boards


Joining group boards has long been a highly touted way to get more of your pins seen and repinned by others. But let me just say: not all group boards are created equal.

First of all, you’ll want to find group boards that actually appeal to your target market. If you make abstract oil paintings, you’re obviously not going to want to join a group board for illustrations. You need to think like a buyer: what types of boards will they be following? Those are the boards you’ll want to join.

It will take some time to find great group boards: sometimes the more popular ones are not longer accepting contributors. You might apply to others and never hear back from the board owner. And you may join some that are just plain duds. How do you really know if a group board is a dud? I use Tailwind’s “Boards Insights” to see how well my group boards are doing. If the virality/re-pin numbers are super low (typically <1%), I’ll leave that board – because people may be pinning to that board, but they’re not re-pinning from that board.

Probably the easiest way to find group boards to join is by using PinGroupie. But you can also search within Pinterest itself. If you’re an artist, you can join my “Art for the Home” board, and if you’re a maker please feel free to join my “I heart handmade” group board to promote your Etsy shop on Pinterest.

NEW! Use Tailwind’s “Tribes” to Promote Your Etsy Shop on Pinterest


If you’ve been reading my blog for very long, you probably already know I am a HUGE fan of Tailwind. It’s a social media scheduler (for both Pinterest and Instagram), but it’s also so much more! Like analytics, monitoring conversations, expanding your reach, and more.

But recently Tailwind created a new (Alpha) program called “Tribes.” To me, Tribes are like group boards on steroids, because you can quickly and easily add pins you’d like re-pinned, as well as re-pin other high-quality, related content. Oh, and if the content is not high-quality? There is a “Skip” option so you won’t have to see that pin ever again. How cool is that?

I have joined a few tribes myself, and it’s been amazing to see how many re-pins I’ve been getting in such a short amount of time. Of course, I had to start my own Tribe: it’s called “Artists & Art Lovers” (and if that describes you, please feel free to join us right here! Oh, and did I mention you don’t even need to be a Tailwind member to join Tribes?! It’s true!)


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