Scheduling Social Media Saves Me Hours Each Week (And Helps Me Gain More Followers!)

I can’t even begin to tell you how great it feels scheduling social media in advance. Because it has not only helped me gain more followers, but (maybe even more importantly) it has also allowed me to get back hours of my time each week. Which may seem impossible, because I’d be spending time posting anyway, right?

Well, yes, of course.

But… first of all the app I use to schedule my social media (Tailwind) also figures out the best times for me to post on both Pinterest and Instagram (my two favorite social media platforms). I don’t have to keep a reminder in my planner or calendar, Tailwind just reminds me when it’s time to post to Instagram, and posts automagically for me on Pinterest! Wee!

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How Scheduling Social Media Saves Me Hours Each Week (And Helps Me Gain More Followers!)


Also, even if I could remember all the best times to pin or post each day, I’m busy doing other things. (Aren’t you, too? I knew it!) And when I get interrupted doing those things, I tend to get distracted for waaaay longer than I should. (Also you too??)

(Me: oh! I think I’m supposed to post on IG right now.. hmm… what am I going to post? Let me look online…. Scrolls through Facebook and gets angey about all the things then watches puppy vidoes to make up for it, reads 3 blog posts – totally unrelated to the task at hand – signs up for another email newsletter… Wait! What was I supposed to be doing? Oh yeah! Picks up phone and opens Instagram…. Gets lost in liking all the pretty things and then watching stories… I think you know what I’m getting at, right?!)

And forget about it on Pinterest. Why? Because Tailwind is so smart it knows that my best times to post on Mondays alone are:

8:36 AM 9:33 AM 10:23 AM 10:49 AM 11:40 AM 12:50 PM 1:18 PM 1:28 PM 1:45 PM 1:54 PM 2:07 PM2:45 PM 2:58 PM 3:08 PM 3:42 PM 4:20 PM 4:46 PM 5:03 PM 5:16 PM 5:42 PM 5:55 PM 6:00 PM 6:09 PM 6:18 PM 6:24 PM 6:33 PM 6:49 PM 6:54 PM 6:59 PM 7:09 PM 7:12 PM 7:33 PM 7:39 PM 7:42 PM 7:47 PM7:53 PM 8:08 PM 8:09 PM 8:09 PM 8:14 PM 8:23 PM 8:25 PM 8:25 PM 8:37 PM 8:39 PM 8:44 PM 8:45 PM8:47 PM 9:07 PM 9:39 PM 9:45 PM 9:51 PM

Seriously. I love to pin, but I can’t spend my entire LIFE doing it. But Pinterest not only loves it when you pin at the right times but also when you pin consistently. They are more likely to recommend you to other users if they know you’ll be pinning on the regular. (That’s part of how scheduling social media helps me gain more followers, too!)

Before I started using Tailwind, my pinning was feast or famine! I’d pin 126 random things before going to bed one night, not pin again for a week, and then pin 5 things, until I realized it was time to post something to Instagram, and then forget to go back to Pinterest for another few days.

(And yes, I realize I may have a touch of ADD… But that’s just part of being creative, right?! Right? Or is it just me? 😰 😂)

So what does my scheduling schedule typically look like?

Well, for Instagram I usually create all my posts on Monday or Tuesday for the following 7 days. I used to post up to 3-4 times a day, but I’ve scaled back to 1 post a day in most cases (occasionally I’ll post an extra time or two, but those posts tend to be more “in the moment,” if I have something extra to share.)

So I simply create (or re-purpose old) graphics, add whatever I want to say in my caption, and use the (new and exciting!) Tailwind hashtag finder tool to find the best hashtags for my posts. It’s so easy! Check out this quick video:



With Pinterest, it’s a little different. I typically have 3-4 weeks of scheduled pins, so I don’t have to have a schedule for scheduling, per se. What I usually do is add pins to my queue on days when I’m feeling a little less creative and/or don’t feel like HULK SMASHING all the goals! (And yes, sometimes I’ll have a glass of wine in my hand while I do it if it’s in the evening! 🍷)

One thing I will do consistently is pin all of my new content from my blog right away. I’ll usually pin it to my board, and then use the Tailwind Chrome extension to schedule re-pins from that board to any other relevant boards later. I can almost always find at least 5-10 other boards to pin my own content on, including some group boards.

But when it comes to pinning other people’s content, that’s what I’ll do on a lazy afternoon (or during evening wine time.  😉)


I start by utilizing the emails that I opted into from Pinterest itself. They are really good at figuring out the types of pins I will want to repin. I LOVE it when Pinterest sends me an email that says “We found a board you might love” because, a). they are usually right, and b). it’s way easier to schedule pins in batches based on what boards you’re going to pin to.

For instance, if I just log into Pinterest and scroll down the feed I can schedule pins one at a time. It’s very time-consuming though, so I don’t recommend this tactic.

I can also just be on the home page of Pinterest and open the Tailwind Chrome extension and choose a bunch of pins to schedule from there. But I don’t recommend this, either, and here’s why:

All or most of those pins will have to be pinned to different boards.

But when Pinterest sends me that “We found a board you might love” email, I can jump on that board (or boards) and use Tailwind to schedule a bunch of pins to one or more related boards at once.

Here’s the visual difference, so you can see exactly what I’m talking about:


In this first video, I just log into Pinterest and start scheduling random pins. This is way more time-consuming! 



In this second video, I schedule pins to boards in batches (this one has audio so I can help you walk through it!)



As you can see, it’s definitely faster the way I schedule social media from the “boards you might like” emails. You can also do this by going to any board you like. For instance, say you really love a certain pinner, you can go to one or more of their boards and schedule pins with Tailwind this way, as well.

So I save up those “We found a board you might love” emails and schedule a bunch of pins at once. I’m typically pinning about 40-50 pins a day (approximately 5-15 of which are my own content) so it takes a while to fill up my queue, but not nearly as long as it would scheduling the other ways I’ve listed.

Oh, one more thing you’ll want to do (in case you missed it at the end of that last video): say Pinterest sends you 6 baby clothes boards and you schedule 40 pins from them. You’ll want to go into your Tailwind dashboard, click on Publish –> Scheduled Pins and in the top righthand corner there is a “Shuffle Queue” button. I click that after I’ve added a bunch of related pins. Because you don’t want to pin ALL baby clothes one day, and then ALL blogging tips the next, etc.

I’ll sometimes schedule pins once or twice a week, but if I’m extra busy or focused on a big project, I might skip a week or even two, which I can do because I schedule so far out in advance.

I mentioned earlier that I pin 40-50 times a day with Tailwind. If you haven’t been pinning regularly at that same rate, I would not suggest that you try to pin that much at first using Tailwind. Because, a). you’ll probably feel overwhelmed by it and might even give up, but also b). Pinterest might think it’s strange that all of a sudden you went from pinning maybe 20 times a week to 50 times a day. So if you’re going to start scheduling social media with Tailwind, Pinterest especially, start slow… maybe schedule 5-10 pins a day, and get your queue filled up for a week and see how that feels. After a week or two, and 2-3 more pins a day, and so on at about that pace. That way 50 pins a day won’t feel so daunting. And try to keep a ratio of about 3 pins out of 10 being your own content, the other 7 being pins that will be helpful (and re-pin worthy!) for your ideal customer.

So that’s it! That’s how I use Tailwind for scheduling social media. There are other apps out there that will schedule to other social media platforms, too. It just so happens that Pinterest and Instagram are my two favorites, and Tailwind offers an easy, affordable way for me to schedule to those platforms.

Questions? Comments? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!


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