Selling Products Passively is Now Possible on Etsy!

I’ve been using Printful for years to create and drop-ship the things I design, like prints, mugs, posters, etc.  But I had to either use Printful to fulfill orders in my Shopify shop, or to manually enter my Etsy shop orders. Well, not anymore! Selling products passively is now possible on Etsy!

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It was just announced that Printful now fully integrates with Etsy. That means that, once you have the listings all set up, orders for items like prints and posters (framed or not), canvases, mugs, leggings, t-shirts, hats,  pillows, totes, socks, dresses, skirts, beach blankets and phone cases (with new items being added all the time) can now be sold 100% passively!

Selling Products Passively is Now Possible on Etsy!


Selling Products Passively is Now Possible on Etsy! And I'm not just talking digital: I mean physical products! Learn how to sell passively on Etsy, today!


Here’s how it works:

  • You first sign up for your free Printful and Etsy (<–use that Etsy link to get your first 40 listings free if you don’t have a shop yet!) accounts if you haven’t already.
  • Then, in Printful, you connect your Etsy shop
  • Once connected you can sync your existing listings and/or create new Etsy listings in Printful by uploading your images and choosing which products to them them on
  • Your listings are marked as drafts until you choose otherwise, but once live, they are there in your shop, ready to sell!
  • I then go in and make sure all of my titles, descriptions and tags are accurate and SEO friendly
  • Then when someone orders from your Etsy shop, Printful makes the product for you, and ships it using your name and address, as well as a custom shipping sticker (you have to create and upload the stickers)

How amazing is that? True passive income from Etsy!

So what are some things to consider when using Printful  to sell on Etsy?

While Etsy might send traffic to your store, the majority of that responsibility is still on you. Very few Etsy shop owners are able to get set up their stores and watch the sales coming flooding in. Use things like social media, Pinterest, and possibly even Google ads to drive traffic to your shop.

Even though Printful  offers mockups of their products with your designs on them, to really stand out in the crowded Etsy market, it’s best to use your own photographs and/or mockups (I like betting my mockups from CreativeMarket). One nice thing about Printful is that they do offer 20% off sample items with free shipping (and you can order up to 5 samples per month.)

You’ll need to set up a credit card or “wallet” with Printful  in order for them to process your Etsy orders passively.

While I love almost everything about Printful  (their products are high-quality, their software is amazing and easy to use, they have all kinds of tutorials and videos, explaining just about every aspect of using them as drop-shippers, etc.) I will say that, in the past I’ve had a couple of problems: More than once they’d send out duplicate products to the same customer, which is not the worst problem to have, but it doesn’t look terribly professional. And sometimes their shipping times take much longer than they promise on their website — especially around the holidays! So be mindful of that, and make sure your customers know that shipping times are not guaranteed.

And just because you CAN sell all the things that Printful has to offer, doesn’t mean you should. Keeping your Etsy shop niched still seems to be the best way to succeed there. So selling socks and phone cases in the same shop may seem disjointed and odd to shoppers. It also may feel overwhelming to add ALL THE THINGS, anyway. So you might want to start with just prints, or t-shirts, or whatever fills your niche, and grow your product like steadily from there.

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