Side Hustles for Makers & Creatives

Side Hustles for Makers & Creatives


As makers and creative business owners, we basically have to learn to do ALL THE THINGS. We don’t just make whatever it is we sell, but we also have to photograph it, then edit those photos, list it with keyword-rich descriptions, promote via social media, possibly blog about it, package and ship it once its sold, keep track of expenses and income, possibly even create our own websites, and on and on. It’s a lot of work, but because we love what we make, we learn how to do it all. That also means that we possess a lot of skills that could be used to supplement our income, so I’ve put together this list of potential side hustles for makers & creatives.

Social Media Manager

One of the things many creative business owners learn to get good at very quickly is social media. It’s a free (and dare I say fun?!) way to find new customers. So if the idea of logging into Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter, etc., gets you excited, you may want to consider offering that service to other business owners who don’t have the time to do it themselves.

Writing Jobs

Because part of what you do likely requires writing (product descriptions, social media captions, blog posts, marketing materials, etc.), you probably have the skills to do those same things (and more) for other people. You can also learn how to help businesses with their ad copy.


Do your product images POP!? Do you regularly get compliments about your shop (and even social media) photography? Do you know Photoshop like the back of your hand? Well, you, my dear, are a virtual unicorn! So many Etsy sellers miss the mark on this. You could definitely take those photography skills and turn them into a side hustle. You could shoot other sellers products, sell your photos through stock photography sites, and more.


As a creative business owner, there are so many things you could potentially write an about, like “How to Make…” (whatever it is you make), or on topics like social media, running an Etsy business, and on and on. Not sure how to get started? Check out Pat Flynn’s free ebook called “Ebooks the Smart Way.

Work-At-Home Jobs

And if it comes down to it, you could just pick up a part-time job, working from home. Tons of legit companies hire remote workers these days, because it’s easier and more affordable for them. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to the topic!

Of course, these are just a few side hustles for makers & creatives, but there are many other possibilities when you think about how you might market some of the skills you already have.


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