Start Selling Art (and more!) on Facebook Today

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Start Selling Art (and more!) on Facebook Today

I have an embarrassing confession to make…

I’ve definitely been guilty of buying and using a specific program or software, but not really using it to its fullest capabilities. (Like how I used ConvertKit for almost a year without implementing any of the tagging or sequences! OUCH.)

The problem is, it not only holds me back in business, but it’s also a waste of my hard-earned money. (Yours, too, if you’re guilty of the same thing.) Booo!

I think that sometimes, with our creative (and sometimes a bit ADD) brains, when we buy something we’re ALL excited about it! But after “playing” with it for a bit, we move on to the next thing. (Please tell me I’m not the only one?!)

So today I’m going to talk to you about how I haven’t been using Shopify to it’s fullest, either. Until now!

But first I want to cover a few things about Shopify, in case you’ve never heard about them and/or are considering using them to sell your own art and/or products. I also want to give those of you who don’t use Shopify, but sell on Etsy, an alternative to this idea, too. (That’s towards the end of this article.)

Shopify is a platform that allows you to sell your art, goods, digital products, etc. on your own website. Considering all you get for the price, it’s super affordable. I am an affiliate for them, but that’s because I love and use the platform myself! (In fact, I have 2 separate Shopify shops: one for my art and one for Creating Beautifully.)

Why do I love Shopify so much? Here are just a few reasons…

  • Shopify allows me to sell my art, digital and physical products almost 100% passively.
  • Shopify offers a free 14 day trial (enough time to get your shop up and running before going “live”!)
  • They offer beautiful free (and paid) shop themes.
  • It’s easy to add Shopify to your WordPress site.
  • They actually GIVE YOU MONEY to advertise your own store on Google. Thanks for that free $100, Shopify!
  • There are TONS of free and low-cost apps that you can use to make your shop a selling machine.
  • And really the list goes on and on…

Which is the excuse I’m allowing myself for not discovering my NEW favorite thing from Shopify, and that is the ability to sell directly on Facebook and Messenger!

Which is AMAZING because Facebook has around 1.86 BILLION users! Who wouldn’t want the potential to have their art, products, etc. in front of billions of people?!


[bctt tweet=”Who wouldn’t want the potential to have their art, products, etc. in front of billions of people?!” username=”OhHeyCB”]


Oh, and I forgot to mention – there is absolutely no additional charge for this feature!


Start Selling Art (and more!) on Facebook Today


And seriously, it’s soooo easy to start selling on Facebook with Shopify. Like, a few minutes and a few clicks easy! Here is a quick video where I walk you right through it (actually, I’m recording this as I do it myself for the first time, and it’s soooo easy!) 

The URL I mention at the beginning of the video is:  – Just be sure to replace “YOURSHOPNAMEHERE” with, of course, your shop name. You can also jump directly to Shopify for Facebook here.

So what if you only sell on Etsy? Well, I looked into that, too, and you can do something similar with your Etsy shop using this app. *Please note that I have not tried using that app, but I wanted to offer an alternative for those of you who sell on Etsy. Please make sure the app is a good fit for you and your business before installing it.

But if you’re already using Shopify, or plan to open a Shopify shop in the future, now you know how easy it is to start selling art (and more!) on Facebook today!

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