Testimonials for Jules Tillman: Here are just some of the nice things people have said about working with me, as well as my classes…

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General Testimonials for Jules Tillman

Testimonials for Jules Tillman Artist and Creative Coach


(And just some nice things people have written to me!)

I recommend Jules Tillman and Creating Beautifully to all creatives I know. She’s very knowledgeable and helpful to those who want to promote their online businesses, especially if you are a creative.” – Beth Barnett

Jules Tillman is an exceptional teacher. She knows how to simplify and distill information to make it easy to understand and implement. She’s a fabulous teacher.” – Susan B.

Jules is so enthusiastic AND helpful.” – Nate Turner

I just wanted to say how freakin awesome this little series is. I came across an article you wrote and saw the link at the bottom. I wasn’t sure at first because I thought it would be sales pitchy. It’s not at all! Great pace and very realistic tips and advice.” – Tamya S. (in reference to Art Sales on Autopilot.)

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.  You are inspiring me to get my website going. I appreciate you.” Dawn D.

You are so awesome! Thank you! I am overwhelmed, in a good way, with all the art you shared, for the kind words, and just for having me on your site! … I  also want to tell you that I not only admire your work as an artist but your purpose in helping and inspiring other creatives! I hope our paths cross in real life one of these days. Thank you from my heart, Nancy” Nancy from PrettyLittleThieves

I just wanted you to know I really enjoy your emails. And they are a huge help. Thanks for doing what you do, stay badass.” – Gabrielle



Testimonials for Jules Tillman’s classes


Most of my classes are on Skillshare, and if you’re a new user, you can get two months free (and take some or all of my classes, as well as thousands more!) when you use this link.


Start a Creative Passive Income Business – for Free! In 7 Days or Less.

“I was skeptical, but wow! This was so easy and straightforward!” – Brittany Mallard

Thank you Jules! This is an amazing class for anyone who’s been thinking about setting up their own online shop. I’ve been collecting a lot of this info piece by piece – but in less than 30 minutes, you walked through the steps to get set up, answered a couple of questions that have really had me stuck – and totally re-inspired me to get this done. This one class has helped me tie all the pieces together, and I can’t wait to get started!” – Jen Warren

This class was exactly what I was looking for without knowing it was what I was looking for! I think this will really help me finally take that first step in opening an etsy shop that would allow passive income as well as my own handmade creations. I’ll share my shop once I’ve got everything set up & open! Thanks Jules!” – Anarose De Vera

GREAT class, GREAT Teacher. Quick, fun & Packed with information I am super pumped and looking forward to more of your classes Thanks so much” – Katie Mahanes

This course really simplifies how to start your own business and begin generating passive income Fast! The title says “In 7 Days or Less” but honestly it can take you minutes to get things started. The instructor also gives helpful tips at the very end of the course to keep your momentum going. I’m going to go start right now!” – Konrad Burns

Made me want to start my business right now!” – Victoria Garza

Such a great course. It was clear, inspiring, and concise! Thank you for sharing your insights and experience. It is greatly appreciated!!” – Lee Lanou

Jules Tilman makes starting a creative online business seem more than doable, she makes it seem “easy-peasy.” And fun.. Her instructions are simple to follow and even though I had never considered a business like this before, I am now wondering, why wouldn’t I want to do this? I’d like a little more info on whether you can actually make any money, but there’s no investment except your time. And you’ve got to start somewhere, right? Her enthusiasm is contagious. Highly recommend!” – Carmel L.


Etsy Listings: Learn to Create Etsy Product Listings That Get Seen. For beginner Etsy sellers

I absolutely recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn out to properly list your products on Etsy. This is the best video for beginners and those who are having a hard time listing their products. I was lost and stuck on how to list my products but this video helped me relist one product. Now I just have to finish the other 38 listings. I wish you all good luck with your product listings.” – Harley Jones

Thank you Jules for sharing this helpful information! I’ve just begun to stock my Etsy shop…and your tips are so valuable. I highly recommend this class, 🙂” – Laura Nikiel. illustrator & designer

This was so helpful! I am in the last stages of prep before posting my first listing on etsy- and this class was so helpful in making sure I didn’t leave anything out. I will be viewing your Pinterest course that you promoted and probably start following your blog as well. Thanks again!” – Phoebe King

Excellent advice and information – not only for current Etsy sellers but also for someone about to start out on Etsy like myself. So glad I came across this class!” – Chris ELLISON

Wasn’t sure I could manage an Etsy store, but I feel a lot more confident now. Really great class, very informative!” – Sandra Sadler, Calligraphic Designer

I’ve been selling on Etsy for a few years now, but the information covered in this class makes me feel like a beginner… I’m so glad I tuned in!” – Marianne Henning

This was great in every way! It is short and to the point which makes it very easy to complete the class and get the vital information you need. Thank you so much for offering this class, anyone with an Etsy store or thinking of opening one (like me) so should definitely spend half an hour and go through this. Time very well spent!” – Grandma Lori

Loved this class. She explains things so well and in detail, but it isn’t overwhelming. I learned a ton of new info and tips that I’m really excited to start using!” – Lauren Blyler

great easy ideas to follow to make your Etsy listings approachable and readable for your shoppers. Worth the time to go through even for people who’ve done similar classes.” – Leah Gay,  Australian Gouache Painter


Promoting Your Online Business on Pinterest (Especially for artists, makers, and creatives!)

Very detailed and easy to follow class. Great content from Jules, always love her classes, they are so helpful for beginners. Thanks!” – Lumbani Munthali

I can’t say enough great things about this class. I had to keep pausing to implement all the things she shared that I should be doing on Pinterest. So excited to have learned ALL the things from this class!” – Melissa Taylor, Designer, Illustrator & Beekeeper

This is some serious no fluff, action oriented training. Well done!” – Mike Corbean

Before taking this class I had a feeling that Pinterest could be a good marketing tool for artists… Jules confirmed it and some more! I will now apply all her fantastic tips and knowledge and start pinning away 🙂” – S Sukilopi, Artist, Skillshare teacher

I was feeling overwhelmed by Pinterest, but after this class I can break everything down into manageable steps.” – Kirstin Kleyn, iamKomposed – Let’s try something new!

This class is awesome! Very informative and it’s super easy to follow. I loved it, and I will definitely be taking more classes from Jules.” – Eryn Stubblefield

Great class with a great break-down of how to use Pinterest without getting overloaded with information. Highly recommended!” – Jay Dee Dearness

I struggle with online promotion for my Etsy shop, but now I have a clear idea of what needs to be done on Pinterest to improve the possibilities thanks to this class. Now to follow through with all the great tips. Thanks!” – Teresa Opdycke


Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle: A New Entrepreneur’s Guide

This was a very informative, inspiring and interesting class. I’ve been considering ways to make money online and this has motivated me to go back to my poor old abandoned blog and give it another go. Five stars!” – Liane Blanco

Great class as always Jules! Very informative and detailed overview of how to get started in affiliate marketing. Thanks!” – Lumbani Munthali

Good class. A lot of information in a short time. The handout is greatly appreciated.” – Marietta Grace

another great class. I learned a lot about affiliate marketing and she kept it very simple. Great instructor. I look forward to more.” – Dolly Stiles

3 Things: 1. This was class is structured nicely 2. It’s concise and sets correct expectations 3. She provides creative ideas for how to make money Bonus – her voice is easy on the ears! Highly recommend!” – Kevin Mathew Galang

I like this class! It’s not super in-depth but gives some good ideas that have inspired me to begin 🙂 Gonna check out her other classes now !” – Dana Hufe

This helped me figure out how to move forward with my blog! I am so excited to get started!” – Adri Luna, Unleash the creative.


From Goal Setter to Goal Getter: 4 Steps to Setting and Achieving Your Creative Business Goals

I have always struggled to set goals and keep them. This class along with the helpful handouts makes goal setting and tracking easy. Looking back before setting goals let me see what I had accomplished and feel better about what else i can do. Thank you Jules!” – Marietta Grace

Anything Jules does gets a thumbs up from me but this is a particularly inspirational course to take. Only wish it was a little longer. Thanks Jules” – Beverley Deeming, Ex prof M-U Artist/4eva a Creative Human

Thorough and practical but also very kind class. Thank you so much for your guide in getting clear what my goals are for these year” – Luciana Bongiovanni

Really helpful in breaking down and setting goals – just what I needed to give me a motivational jump start. Thanks Jules!” – Jacquetta Bowley

I really enjoyed this class from Jules. I appreciate the worksheets and information she provides to help me achieve my goals for growing my business in the new year.” – Kris Stepney

I was pleased with how quickly I was able to get through the class. I also like the well organized workbook and calendar. I usually get overwhelmed doing this each year but Jules’ process made it easy to get get my goals down.” – Rebecca Shapiro


Etsy Side Hustle: How to Make Money with Etsy Without “Making” Anything!

This is the 3rd class that I take with her and love them. She describes everything , so well. She makes every process very easy.” – Magaly Lopez

Excellent class; an engaging speaker who gets to the point quickly and gives detailed information with actionable steps. This was a well-executed class video with downloadable notes – I wish more instructors adopted this format. Great stuff! Thank you” – Rachel Herron, Entrepreneur, Digital Artist & Lifelong Learner

This course is a hidden gem, would recommend.” – Tiffany Knighton

Extremely helpful and easy to follow. You are an amazing teacher! Thanks for sharing your expertise.” – Crystal Ochemba-Powell

I really enjoyed this class!! Thank you so much for taking the time to make it! I can’t wait to sign up and start my own side hustle!!” – Amy Morton

This class is amazing, I learned a lot and I’m eager to try it and see results coming my way. Thank you so much for sharing this!” – Peggy Kierstan

This was a fantastic, quick and easy-to-implement class. Thank you for showing how you use tailwind to accomplish these strategies. I feel like I can do this once my applications get approved. Top-notch!” – Julia McPherson

I’ve been using Pinterest for so long and had no idea that you can monetize it this way! Thank you for such a great class!” – Elena Fay, Watercolor Artist & Fashion Illustrator

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