The First Affiliate Program Every Blogger Should Sign Up For

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Maybe ” The First Affiliate Program Every Blogger Should Sign Up For ” is a bold title, but I really believe it’s true! And if you’ve already signed up for other affiliate programs, then this should be the next affiliate program you should sign up for. What is this affiliate program you may ask? Spoiler alert: it’s NOT the Amazon Affiliate program (even if they do sell just about everything under the sun!) The real answer is…


The First (or next!) Affiliate Program Every Blogger Should Sign Up For. #affiliatemarketing #bloggingtips


The First Affiliate Program Every Blogger Should Sign Up For: Ultimate Bundles


Why do I think Ultimate Bundles is the first affiliate program every blogger should sign up for? Lots of reasons, including the obvious, like the pay:


Ultimate Bundles Affiliates earn 40% on sales generated, and if you’re a contributor to a bundle you earn a whopping 70%! But that’s not all! (Wait, there’s more? —said in my best infomercial voice!  😂😂😂) When you refer other affiliates to their program, you earn 10% of their sales for a full year! How awesome is that?


But the high payout isn’t even the best part. But before I get to that, let me explain what Ultimate Bundles is, in case you’ve never heard of it…


Ultimate Bundles, much like the name suggests, is a company that creates these “ultimate bundles” of products for sale at a CRAZY reduced price. For instance, the Work at Home Bundle has over $1500 worth of ebooks, ecourses, tools and more, for under $50.



Throughout the year, they offer limited time sales on all kinds of curated bundles (no garbage, fluff, or “filler” content, here!), which means, almost no matter what your blogging niche is, you can find a sale (or two or three!) to promote. Plus they typically have some “evergreen”, or year-round sales (like the Parenting Super Bundle where you get $1200 of hand-picked parenting resources for under $50, and the Handmade With Love Super Bundle where you get 200+ patterns and projects for 95% off.)


If there is a limited-time bundle sale that you don’t want to promote? No problem! They make it super easy to opt-out of any single promotion (while still staying on their list and as an active affiliate for other sales.) For instance, they had an essential oil bundle that didn’t really fit with my audience, so I skipped it. But the blogging bundle?! You can be sure I’ll be promoting that one every year! (Plus I bought it, too!)


Which reminds me: another great thing about being an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles is that you get a huge discount when you purchase bundles for yourself. Plus they give you the ability to buy them early, so you can take some of the courses/read some of the ebooks/try some of the products yourself/etc., so you can feel great about recommending the bundle(s) to your audience!

But the REAL reason I think Ultimate Bundles should be the first affiliate program every blogger should sign up for is because of their training.


Seriously, if you know nothing (or even if you already have experience with affiliate marketing!) their training portal is more like a master class in affiliate marketing. And the great part is, the information they share is not limited to just selling Ultimate Bundles! You can use the training and apply it to any affiliate marketing program you sign up for.


Yes, I’m a student of and affiliate forMaking Sense of Affiliate Marketing” by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner (who earns over $50,000 per month with affiliate marketing!) And I highly recommend it, but it’s also a little pricey for some new bloggers. The good news is, some of what is taught in that course is also taught in the Ultimate Bundles — for free!


Which is why I think that the first affiliate program every blogger should sign up for is Ultimate Bundles. Not only can you earn from promoting them, you can learn SO much about affiliate marketing itself. They cover everything from “Bundle Marketing 101” to overall affiliate strategies, blogging, email and social media strategies, plus they have video interviews with some top affiliates who also share their “secrets” to affiliate marketing success, and more!


So you can see why I think Ultimate Bundles is the first (or next!) affiliate program every blogger should sign up for.



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