What to Post to Instagram Stories

I’ve been talking to a few creative business owners lately that say they love watching Instagram stories, but they’re a little confused as to how best use them for their business. So today I want to share with you 10 ideas for what to post to Instagram stories for your own creative business!


Ever wonder What to Post to Instagram Stories? Here are 10+ Ideas!


What to Post to Instagram Stories


1.    Anything new! Any time you create something new, whether that’s a new product, blog post, podcast, artwork, etc., share it in your Instagram story.


2.    Create an “Ask me anything” post in your regular Instagram feed, letting your followers know they can ask you anything (typically on a particular topic related to your business, but you could throw in a few personal questions, if you’re comfortable with that and it’s on brand for you.) Then answer their questions in either a live story, or in short, prerecorded videos.


3.    Create a poll. I LOVE the polls feature in Instagram stories! It’s so fun, and a super-fast and easy way to get insight from your followers and fans! You could use it a variety of ways. Say you’re a surface designer and you’re trying to choose between two different colorways; You could ask your followers which one they like best. If you’re trying to decide between two different blog post ideas, create a poll! Recently, I asked my followers whether they preferred to buy their art online or in person. It was a surprising landslide: almost 80% said they prefer to buy in person.

Polls are not only fun, but also a way to gain valuable insight into the minds of your customers and followers.


4.    If you’re having a sale or offering a coupon, create a story about it. And if you’re among one of the lucky people with over 10,000 followers, you can include a direct link to the sale.


5.    Speaking of being able to create a direct link, if you can do that, you could also link to products you’re an affiliate for. I’ve done this with Amazon affiliate links, Etsy affiliate links, etc.


6.    Go “behind the scenes” and share bits of your every day life. These types of stories are particularly popular with artists and makers, because people love to see how things are created. But I also love to see one of my favorite podcasters decorating her new home (even though she doesn’t podcast about decorating!) It just goes to show: you don’t necessarily need to share something directly related to your business in these stories about your life.


7.    Teach something! If you can create a short how-to story that is related to your business, all the better! A beauty blogger could post about how to create the perfect smoky eye. An artist could post about how to use a specific tool to create a certain look in their paintings.


8.    Did you recently receive a great review of your products or testimonial about your services? Share a screenshot (or even tag the person who sent it – people love being tagged by businesses like yours.)


9.    Share your best sellers, new products, and/or a work in progress. Again, I think the work-in-progress is most applicable to makers and artists, but I’ve seen bloggers and other online businesses make this work, too! A simple shot of your next blog post being written, with a teaser about about it’s all about will have your followers awaiting the new post in anticipation!


10.    Are you having a contest or giveaway? Make sure you mention it in stories! Some people may not see your Instagram posts, but they will see your stories (and vice versa), so in the case of a contest or giveaway, you want to make sure you’re covering all of your bases.


Most of all, I like to recommend having fun with your stories. They’re only there for 24 hours (unless you choose to keep them longer in highlights) so you don’t need to spend a lot of time making sure they’re perfect (you can leave that for your Instagram feed!) But do use them! Explore and see what works. Instagram gives you insight into your stories with a business account, too.

Instagram Stories are an awesome way to get in front of more of your followers and connect with them on an even deeper level! And isn’t that what being on Instagram and social media is all about?


What do you think? Do you have different ideas for what to post to Instagram stories? Please leave them in the comments below!


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    April 16, 2018

    I love this idea! I have a beauty and fitness blog, but I mostly post fitness pictures on my instagram and I was wondering how to incorporate the “beauty” part of my blog in there. I can’t have links on my stories yet cuz I only have 1000 followers but still I’m going to try it.