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Whether you’re an established artist or maker, or you’re just curious about pursuing your creativity (for fun and/or profit) the first time, welcome!  Creating Beautifully is a space for artists, makers and creatives who love what they do – whether we do it for fun or for a living. Creating Beautifully is here to support YOU in creating a business and life you love!


Meet jules of creatingbeautifully.com!

Hi there! I’m Jules, an artist and creative business coach. I specialize in helping introverted creatives (artists, makers and bloggers) make passive income with art, products (it’s true! and possible!) and blogging.

I also LOVE social media: Pinterest and Instagram are my jam! I can help you get more traffic, and sales, to your online shop with these two platforms.

I believe that having your own creative business can allow you to live a life you love, on your terms. I’m totally introverted (INFP here!), so I love how having an online business allows me to create, thrive, and help other creatives do the same in a meaningful, impactful way.

My flagship program, Creative Coaching for Introverts (and other busy people) is now live! Learn all about it at www.CreativeCoachingforIntroverts.com.

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